"Alcatel-Lucent is an unrivalled leader in the telecommunications industry with an immense array of talent and capabilities in Research and Development. As a team, we are focused on delivering the innovation our customers need in this highly disruptive and rapidly changing industry. We are also fully focused on achieving our transformation to a sustainably profitable business for our customers, employees and shareholders."

Michel Combes, Chief Executive Officer

More Ideas

Bell Labs: We just can’t get enough video
A new Bell Labs study indicates that by 2020 people in the US will be consuming 7 hours of video per day - mostly on demand.
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New currency for the identity economy
Understand the intersection of technology and identity as consumers’ identity shifts from the physical tothe virtual world .
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Energize your IP edge
Alcatel-Lucent’s 7750 Service Router portfolio helps you overcome the triple challenge of video, mobility, and cloud.
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The backhaul you need to big with small cells
Flexible. Scalable. Simplified. The Alcatel-Lucent mobile backhaul portfolio simplifies the deployment and operations of small cell networks.
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Fast track innovation with New Conversation APIs
Turn your IMS network into a platform for rapid innovation by providing easy access to web developers, and discover why APIs are the next killer app.
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Unleashing 4G: Understanding how railway communications will look today and tomorrow
By adopting a 4G network on the LTE platform, railways will soon have the capability to host both safety-critical communications and enhanced passenger service communications on a single platform.
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Application Fluent Networks improve the enterprise’s network IQ
Our unique technology meets the growing demand for rich media applications and virtualization within the enterprise.
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Embedded OTDR: Troubleshooting at the speed of light
Protect your fiber cable investment with the industry’s most advanced monitoring and troubleshooting solution
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Africa: The growing appetite for broadband
Africa is the fastest growing mobile market in the world. Gabrielle Gauthey discusses public authorities' ambitious objectives for broadband investment and the opportunities that exist in the market.
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9900 Wireless Network Guardian
Improve network performance and subscriber QoE and provide trend analysis by integrating wireless-intelligent, behavior-based traffic classification and end-to-end network performance monitoring in one system.
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400G Photonic Service Engine

Our versatile 400G Photonic Service Engine dramatically boosts the performance of 100G networks today, and lays the foundation for 400G transport in the future.


FP3 is the world’s first 400G network processor. With it, we are building the most powerful, scalable and high performance IP edge and core routing platforms in the world.


Is your network ready for IPv6? With more than 450 IP customers, Alcatel-Lucent can help make your move to IPv6 successful.


Evolve your wireless broadband network with lightRadio and get broadband capacity where and when you need it: now.