Large Enterprise IT Solutions

Unleash your business value

Evolve your large enterprise network to a trusted, simpler, more adaptable information communications technology (ICT) infrastructure that can respond to new business opportunities and shifting user needs. With Alcatel-Lucent, you can say goodbye to vendor lock-in, "shadow IT," high costs and unmanageable complexity — and hello to the benefits of software-defined networking, IP communications and more.

Free your network for business in the cloud.

In every sector — from finance to healthcare to retail — large enterprise ICT environments are becoming more complex and increasingly virtualized. That makes them harder to manage and less adaptable as demands change.

Alcatel-Lucent can liberate your large enterprise IT and communications services with flexible, open technologies proven to meet the most demanding speed, performance and capacity requirements.

Trusted. We help you provide secure access to applications and data in today's mobile- and cloud-based reality while delivering the reliability and performance daily business demands.

Simplified. Through network automation, we make it easier for you to manage the complexity of today's networks while ensuring efficient use of ICT assets.

Adaptable. Our solutions let you break "vendor lock" with flexible, open platforms that adapt to evolving business demands and emerging opportunities.

Solutions for large enterprise networks

Alcatel-Lucent brings your large enterprise the reliability, performance, and scalability the world's largest networks demand. Our open approach frees enterprises to choose the technologies that suit them best, regardless of vendor or hardware. And only Alcatel-Lucent is backed by Bell Labs, whose innovations form the basis of today's communications and IT technologies.

Data center network automation

Our Nuage Networks™ Virtual Services Platform (VSP) enables centralized, policy-driven networking. Its data center automation capabilities simplify configuration and ensure optimal use of resources.

The VSP creates virtual network templates and implements them as overlays for flawless automation, disaster recovery, and data migration. It includes:

  • Virtual Services Directory (VSD)
  • Virtualized Services Controller (VSC)
  • Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS)

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Virtualized network services

The Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services provides secure, effortless connectivity for remote and branch offices with full visibility for management and control.

Adaptive, programmable and open, virtualized network services let you respond quickly and non-disruptively to change. In doing so, we help you achieve policy-driven outcomes for your business — and adopt new business models to fit emerging opportunities.

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Enterprise IP communications

Vendor lock-in keeps large enterprises from realizing the benefits of the fast pace of IT innovation — often at a high price. Our agile enterprise IP communications platform breaks those bonds, letting you take full advantage of IP-based and mobile communications.

We've designed our platform to deliver the highest levels of performance, manageability and security with seamless interoperability across vendor technologies. Our robust APIs let you embed communication features you need within any line-of-business application.

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Data center interconnect

Data centers have become business-critical hubs of activity for large enterprises — hosting and delivering data and services while providing the reassurance of backup and business continuity. That evolution, combined with new efficiencies offered by virtualization and software-defined networking, demands a fresh approach to data center connectivity.

We provide that approach with highly automated, certified and proven IP and optical solutions that enable secure, high-performing, multi-site data center connectivity..

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IP routing and optical transport

The shift to cloud-based services and massive traffic volumes requires a best-in-class foundation that can deliver throughput and reliability demands that go way beyond the capabilities of typical IT systems.

Building on our history of innovation in IP and optical technologies, that's exactly what our full suite of products delivers to scale your network and seize the opportunity of the cloud.

Discover our IP routing and optical transport products:

Large enterprise perspective: UPMC

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is a healthcare leader in virtualizing data centers. In this video, UPMC's vice president of technical services talks about the changing healthcare landscape — and how Alcatel-Lucent's Nuage Networks™ helps UPMC provide fast, reliable, flexible service to clinicians.