7950 Extensible Routing System

The Alcatel-Lucent 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS) portfolio is a suite of powerful core routing platforms that deliver scale, efficiency and versatility without compromises. The 7950 XRS portfolio revolutionizes the economics of delivering the Internet by offering up to 5 times the density of existing alternatives while consuming only one-third the electricity. The 7950 XRS shatters current density norms with up to 80 100GE and/or 800 10GE ports in a single 19-inch rack and can double this capacity in a dual-chassis, back-to-back system configuration. The 7950 XRS is designed to scale to 40 Tb/s in a single chassis with future expansion to 240 Tb/s system forwarding capacity in a multichassis configuration.

The port density, efficiency and forward-looking design of the 7950 XRS enable service providers to expand core network capacity for video, cloud-based applications and immersive multimedia delivered across an array of devices. At the same time, the cost of precious assets like space and power is reduced.

On only one platform, service providers can meet all IP core routing, MPLS switching, data center interconnection and VLL/VPN infrastructure service needs in metro cores and IP backbones for years to come – with maximum efficiency and low TCO.

7950 XRS7950 XRS
7950 XRS7950 XRS
7950 XRS7950 XRS

Benefits & Features

Scales capacity while slashing cost per bit

  • Breakthrough 400G Network Processing Unit (NPU) silicon and a system designed to deliver core routing and switching capacity without compromising features or cost efficiency
  • Class-leading port density with 80 x 100GE and/or 800 x 10GE for a total of 16 Tb/s forwarding capacity in a single 19-inch chassis, while consuming only 1 watt per Gigabit forwarding capacity
  • Perfect geometry for 10G, 40G, and 100G ports, as well as 400G ports in the future
  • Universal hardware in various port densities for granular and cost-efficient scaling and sparing
  • Precludes the need for premature and expensive upgrades to multichassis infrastructure that wreak havoc on space and power budgets without delivering matching value

Eliminates compromise and maximizes return on investment

  • Leverages a common platform to meet the needs of IP/MPLS backbones, Internet peering points, metro cores, VPN infrastructure services and data center interconnection
  • Eliminates the cost overhead and operational complexity that result from the deployment of multiple single-purpose devices
  • Enables capabilities as required through a pay-as-you-go software licensing model
  • De-risks core network evolution as fresh applications are unlocked in the cloud and new requirements emerge for the metro core

Relies on proven innovation

  • Built on the robust Alcatel-Lucent Service Router Operating System (SR OS), which has nearly a decade of proven reliability with over 600 service providers worldwide
  • Leverages the industry's groundbreaking 400G chipset (FP3), the pinnacle of three successive generations of NPU silicon innovation
  • Supported by a comprehensive network management suite to dramatically lower operational complexity and deployment risks while providing an immediate boost to the IP core

Anticipates the future

Addresses evolving service provider needs with scalable 100GE port capacity, hardware readiness for 400GE, and 2 Tb/s slot capacity built into the platform to accommodate Ethernet at Terabit speeds