9360 Small Cells

As part of the Alcatel-Lucent Small Cell solution comprising the 9360 and 9760 product families, the Alcatel-Lucent 9360 Small Cell family extends 3G W-CDMA  coverage and capacity to hotspots, notspots, and indoor locations. It offers mobile network operators a cost-effective alternative to macro-only deployments for meeting growing coverage and capacity demands. For end user at home, in the office and public venues, small cells improve QoE by providing 5 bar voice service, more reliable data connections, and higher data throughput.

 As a key component of the HetNet, the 9360 Small Cell family boosts cellular signal strength and capacity,  it does this with a wide variety of access points based on the latest technological and design innovations. The 9360 Small Cell product family supports a multi-vendor environment, self-organizing/self-optimizing (SON) capabilities, advanced interference mitigation and intelligent traffic management. At the same time, it also provides end users with a seamless experience between the macro and small cell networks.


  • Improves network capacity, coverage, and performance at a lower TCO than macro-only solutions resulting in an improved customer experience
  • Provides deployment flexibility due to small cells' size and low power; can be placed close to users where capacity and coverage is needed, both indoors or outdoors
  • Maximizes capacity as small cells with optionally integrated Wi-Fi® access points use both licensed and unlicensed spectrum
  • Reduces installation costs as small cells are simple to install, and the service module design enables the adoption of a single installation process across multiple technologies


  • Bundles UTRAN (RNC and Node B) nodes into one unit
  • Easily integrates into an existing 3G network
  • Backhaul connection from the Small Cell is IP over DSL.
  • The use of IP for inter-node links brings economies because such backhaul effectively uses the internet and is therefore much cheaper and simpler to implement than the E1 or T1 circuit-based links used in other architectures
  • Sophisticated capabilities, developed by Bell Labs, allow successful operation on carrier frequencies that are already occupied by other cells in the area

Benefits & Features

Simplifies deployment and management of a large volume of small cells

  • The Small Cell Gateway easily integrates with core network – no changes to radio network required
  • TR-069 capabilities automate provisioning, configuration and software upgrades of small cells
  • Self-optimizing network (SON) technology enables small cells to automatically configure themselves to surrounding network

Provides operators with deployment flexibility

  • Same Small Cell Gateway supports multiple types of small cells for all environments
  • Subscriber group control allows operator to control which users may access small cells
  • Supports a wide range of backhaul options, including xDSL, GPON, Wi-Fi® and microwave

Reduces TCO

  • Drives lower TCO backhaul with the gateway flat IP architecture
  • Supports 3GPP Selective IP Traffic Offload (SIPTO) and Local IP Access (LIPA) to offload data traffic directly to the Internet
  • SON technology enables small cells to automatically configure themselves to the surrounding network