9471 Wireless Mobility Manager

The Alcatel-Lucent 9471 Wireless Mobility Manager (WMM) is the Serving GPRS Support Node and Mobility Management Entity (SGSN/MME) in the converged wireless packet core network. It performs mobility and session management signaling and packet data switching for GSM, WCDMA and LTE access networks. It supports the rise in mobile broadband data traffic with increased subscriber scalability and throughput capacity. The 9471 WMM can be flexibly configured as a SGSN, MME or combined SGSN/MME with just a software upgrade. This lowers costs, improves signaling efficiency, and simplifies network operations and planning.

The 9471 WMM is built on an industry-standard computing platform, which delivers the high-performance message processing needed for today’s 3G/LTE mobile devices and applications. Its feature rich, field-proven software is deployed in some of the world’s largest wireless networks with LTE signaling enhancements and advanced analytic tools that reduce signaling traffic and optimize network performance.

The 9471 WMM is part of the Alcatel-Lucent IP Mobile Core solution.

Benefits & Features

Lowers costs and provides investment protection

  • Combines the SGSN and MME on an industry-standard computing (ATCA) platform
  • Common UE database with shared resources for 2G/3G and 4G/LTE subscribers 
  • Supports radio access and core network sharing

Simplifies network operations and planning

  • Flexible 2G/3G and 4G/LTE subscriber licensing
  • Field-proven software deployed in the world’s largest LTE networks
  • Unified element and network management across the wireless network

Reduces network signaling and improves user experience

  • Smart LTE paging and tracking area management algorithms
  • Improved network analytics quickly identify network and user issues