Big Network Analytics Data Miner

The Alcatel-Lucent Big Network Analytics (BNA) Data Miner combines multi-dimensional mobile intelligence (m.IQ6), circuit-switched voice and SMS data sources, and select IT/OSS/BSS data — such as subscriber data plans, profile, and billing information — into a Big Data analytics infrastructure. It enables turnkey analytics solution focused on mobile network data that is dynamic, flexible, scalable, and enriched with complementary information.

BNA Data Miner allows service providers to use big network analytics to provide the full benefits of network intelligence to all parts of the organization without committing to a full data warehouse infrastructure migration. This strategic approach is compatible with existing or imminent big data migration plans: service providers get comprehensive, network-centric analytics from networking experts that interwork with their Big Data strategy, delivered by database experts.

Benefits & Features

Flexible framework

  • Single-source, network-centric analytics that combine management of mobile data with newer technologies like VoLTE, RCS & services on legacy network technologies.

Scalable infrastructure

  • Big data infrastructure enables non-network data input, any-to-any flexible report generation and more processing power

Expert network-centric analytics for all departments

  • Provides full benefits of network intelligence to all parts of the organization without full data warehouse infrastructure migration
  • Strategic approach compatible with current or future big data migration plans

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