Motive Video Analytics

Motive Online Video Analytics (formerly known as AppGlide Video Analytics service) equips broadband providers with online video analytics that measure end-user quality of experience (QoE) and uncover content delivery issues. With this information and insight, service providers can:

  • Identify degradation in the QoE of any on-line video service delivered over their networks – services which their customers will complain to service providers about first
  • Accurately determine where QoE-affecting problems reside: with the content provider, an off-net (external) content delivery network (CDN) or within their own networks
  • Determine the best strategy for improving the QoE for on-line video within their networks
  • Monitor the QoE of content delivered from an on-net (internal) CDN and gather important content-based metrics
  • Leverage information about content usage and trends to forge stronger relationships with content owners and advertisers

Since video is the large majority of broadband network traffic, the ability to identify and address QoE issues for on-line video is critical. As end users increasingly use their Internet connection to access video, poor QoE will contribute to churn. Today, service providers are operating blind: Their customers will blame them for QoE deterioration, yet they have no way to determine the cause of the poor quality. While there are many tools that help service providers understand how content is delivered at the network layer, few tools look at content delivery from the end user’s perspective at the application layer. Motive Online Video Analytics fills that gap by correlating data from multiple sources with actual end-user QoE measurements, and service providers gain clear insight into how video is delivered and consumed from end-to-end in their networks.


  • Improves customer satisfaction and lowers churn by allowing ISPs to identify and effectively address content quality issues
  • Increases revenue opportunities by giving ISPs the deep insight into customer behavior, customer engagement and content popularity they need to attract new customers and advertisers
  • Improves return on investment by helping ISPs develop a profitable content delivery strategy and finetune it to improve results
  • Increases brand value and customer loyalty by allowing ISPs to pinpoint and resolve QoE-affecting issues in the network


  • Passive and active monitoring of customers’ viewing experience as well as content availability and quality
  • Automatic scouting for Internet video content using an automated seek algorithm
  • QoE global scoring model based on Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs research
  • Reporting and management portal that is dynamically updated
  • Large set of executive dashboards with drill-down and analysis capabilities
  • Cloud-based offering with managed services provided by Alcatel-Lucent
  • Service is delivered and billed according to a regularly reviewed service commitment level
  • Highly scalable and resilient service with fully redundant software and hardware components


Benefits & Features