Innovation defines our industry, and that means our industry is constantly being redefined. To be competitive in a field of unprecedented business and technological changes, you need access to a flow of continuous ideas that yield relevant, customer-focused innovations.

Alcatel-Lucent Services helps you put ideas into motion, and then walks with you as we deliver new solutions for your business. Powered by Bell Labs technology, we have the innovation at hand to help you connect your customers, captivate them with new services, and capitalize on the opportunities our industry has created.


Transition your technology to better connect customers with a simplified, cost-effective and scalable infrastructure. By designing a nimble IP and cloud based infrastructure, we help you move from purpose-built networks efficiently and seamlessly.  And by integrating these new networks and optimizing their performance, you can adapt more quickly, at manageable cost, with predictable results.


Today, the customer experience is the "product". The network is not enough. To captivate customers in new ways, you need to shift your business and technology strategy. Together, we can help you create innovative new offerings and profitable new business models that make you more relevant to your customers and place your brand at the heart of their connected experience.


Change your culture to one that uses the network to improve customer relationships. Managing the customer experience means anticipating customer needs, optimizing their experience of your services, while proactively caring for the network that delivers it.