Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Ensure always-on networks

Downtime is not an option if you want to capitalize on network opportunities. That's why Alcatel-Lucent Maintenance Services is designed to optimize network performance and ensure always-on networks. What's more, the services help you maximize infrastructure investment while also reducing total cost of ownership.

With our Maintenance Services portfolio, you can also be confident of investment payoff in the long run as your network evolves to support new applications or business models.

Maintenance Services

The Alcatel-Lucent Maintenance Services portfolio includes:

  • Technical Support
  • Repair and Exchange
  • Field Maintenance
  • Proactive Services

Together, these components deliver cost-effective and responsible backup support for technical queries and problem resolution, while preventing faults from occurring in the first place.

Focus on your customers

Reliable, always-on networks free you to dedicate resources to what matters most – your core business and customers. You can launch new services with confidence, increasing the value in your network. End-to-end, network-wide support reduces down time and customer dissatisfaction. Proactive analysis of network health and performance keeps your networks in top shape and customers happy.

Improve network performance

The key to better network performance is support. Support from experienced engineers and technicians to supplement your operations team. Support from product designers for software patches and upgrades. Our state-of-the-art labs can recreate network problems and test solutions. And global service is available 24x7.

Decrease CAPEX and OPEX

Effective maintenance reduces the need for investment in staff, employee training and spare parts. This results in planned, predictable support costs. Cost-effective access to Alcatel-Lucent methodology, resources and infrastructure also greatly increases the knowledge and capabilities at your disposal.

Partner with a proven expert

Alcatel-Lucent has proven itself with end-to-end delivery and multivendor support. We have continuous training and certification processes, and ISO and TL9000 certified staff. Our numbers speak for themselves: 850,000+ annual repair transactions, 250,000+ annual support requests and 2.8 million web activities annually.