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OSS Highlights

  1. Motive Dynamic Operations

    Solution page

  2. Motive Dynamic Operations by Arun Kohli


Cloud Highlights

  1. NFV: Leverage the cloud

    Web site

  2. On the road to a new mobile experience

    Infographic (PDF)

  3. Why all clouds are not created equal

    White paper (PDF)

IMS Communications Highlights

  1. vIMS: A platform for cloud communications

    Podcast featuring Fran Heeran, VP and GM of Alcatel-Lucent's IMS business

  2. The WebRTC opportunity


  3. WebRTC IMS systems and WebRTC proprietary islands

    White paper (PDF)

IP Mobile Core Highlights

  1. Alcatel-Lucent IP Mobile Core: Embracing a new era of mobile broadband

    Technology white paper (PDF)

  2. The journey to packet core virtualization: Evolution of the packet core to an NFV/SDN architecture

    Application note (PDF)

Analytics Highlights

  1. Big Network Analytics: Real-world use cases

    Infographic (web page)

  2. Analytics Beat: The latest research, trends, and behaviors affecting today's networks

    Network analytics blog posts: Subscribe to Network Analytics emails

  3. Motive Big Network Analytics

    Solution sheet (PDF)

Policy & Charging Highlights

  1. Policy & Charging solutions for an ultra-broadband world


  2. The Six Degrees of Mobile Data Plan Innovation

    E-book on TMCnet

  3. Mobilize the data plan: The Alcatel-Lucent Smart Plan solution

    White paper (PDF)

Customer Experience Highlights

  1. Enhancing the WiFi experience

    White paper (PDF)

  2. Leveraging device management to improve the Wi-Fi experience

    White paper (PDF)

  3. What makes the customer experience great?