Cable MSO Networks: Accelerate IP Transformation

Deliver all services over one network that’s scalable from the edge to the core

Cable Multiple-System Operators (MSOs) recognize that IP transformation has the power to lower costs, support new services and keep subscribers happy.

Now, they are looking at how they can push IP deeper into their networks and address the new opportunities presented by today’s ultra-broadband economy.

With Alcatel-Lucent, cable MSOs can be faster to meet demand and first to address new opportunities.
Alcatel-Lucent is a recognized partner to cable MSOs around the world, delivering key technologies like IP service routing, on-net content delivery networks (CDNs), and customer experience solutions. Cable MSOs are looking to expand their commercial services portfolios, strengthen their position in wireless broadband, and capitalize on the promise of virtualization and cloud technologies. These objectives align with the key strengths and capabilities of Alcatel-Lucent's all-IP solutions portfolio. With a partner like Alcatel-Lucent, cable MSOs can use the power of IP to address emerging opportunities in the residential, commercial services, and wireless markets.


Bring new life to residential services

Residential services have long been the backbone of cable networks. Today, we are seeing significant changes as IP alters the way services are delivered and evolves the subscriber experience.

Cable MSOs are beginning to address the new complexity in the cable hub and re-examine how they’ve architected their networks. In doing so, they’re asking hard questions about how they can make better use of IP to reduce costs and explore new services. One answer is in innovations such as the Converged Cable Access Platform, an industry-wide, CableLabs-led effort in which Alcatel-Lucent is helping to transform the network edge in the cable hub.

IP technologies have already enabled cable MSOs to become leaders in the multiscreen video revolution, liberating content from the set-top box and delighting cable subscribers in the process. At the heart of this transformation are investments in CDNs, which stream live, time-shifted, DVR and on-demand video to every screen with all the security and functionality of the set-top box, and none of high cost and complexity.

Address new opportunities with commercial services

IP also opens up new opportunities for cable MSOs to address the growing commercial services segment. Cable operators are already investing in IP edge routing to deliver a range of Ethernet and IP services to small- and medium-sized businesses. Now, with new Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) technology, they can move up-market to cost-effectively deliver business services that scale to 1 Gbps and beyond.

Having invested in a multi-service IP network, cable MSOs can use it to address commercial service opportunities with adjacent service providers. For instance, many cable MSOs use their extensive networks to provide cell tower backhaul services to mobile network operators.

Unleash new services in the wireless market

New wireless technologies, such as Carrier Wi-Fi and small cells, enable cable MSOs to step beyond their fixed network infrastructure and into the world of wireless service delivery. As cable MSOs build relationships with mobile operators through cell tower backhaul, they can use Carrier Wi-Fi to provide inbound roaming services. These services allow third-party mobile subscribers to use their Wi-Fi-equipped smartphones to roam on the cable Wi-Fi network.

Whether cable MSOs choose to invest in licensed spectrum or partner with other operators that have done so, they need scalable, high-performance and carrier-grade wireless platforms and systems. With our extensive experience building wireless networks and our leadership in IP, Alcatel-Lucent is uniquely qualified to help cable MSOs address the challenges and opportunities in the wireless market.

Explore the possibilities for your network

Adopt IP from end to end

Leverage a more intelligent IP service edge and advances in agile optical networking for a converged and scalable multiservice infrastructure that can deliver more profitable services at lower costs. Maintain that converged infrastructure with end-to-end network and service management across the entire all-IP network. Cable MSOs can quickly maximize operational efficiencies through fast provisioning and troubleshooting, proactive assurance and flexibility.

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Deliver rich content to any screen

Build a massively scalable IP video platform that incorporates the latest cloud-based services and IP delivery technologies to deliver a high-quality video experience on any screen. Cable MSOs can unify the distribution network to stream live, time-shifted DVR and on-demand video securely and reliably. In this manner, MSOs not only delight their subscribers, but do so in a way that also keeps the video rights holder satisfied.

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Embrace mobile broadband

Deliver scalable and secure Carrier Wi-Fi services that enhance the subscriber’s experience and make the cable MSO services available to subscribers at home or on the go. Through innovations such as policy empowered carrier Wi-Fi, cable MSOs can provide a mobile broadband experience that lets subscribers seamlessly roam across the MSO’s Wi-Fi and own or partnered mobile networks.

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Expand your commercial services

Expand your market footprint, drive new commercial service revenues, and reduce costs with the latest advancements, including Ethernet Passive Optical Networking. Cable MSOs can offer a range of Ethernet and IP enterprise commercial services to increase revenues from the growing commercial services market. As the IP network grows, MSOs can use IP and MPLS networks to cost effectively deliver cell tower backhaul services to the mobile industry.

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Enhance the customer experience

Make it easy for your customers to get the most out of their broadband services, devices, and applications. Our automated tools and unique analytics help you improve customer satisfaction, foster brand loyalty — and transform network and customer data into relevant business intelligence. They also offer better ways to streamline your business, cut costs, and protect your network more effectively.

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Innovate with advanced communications

Differentiate your high-speed access offer with new conversation APIs that accelerate the delivery of web communication innovations such as WebRTC. Cable MSOs can leverage WebRTC to lower the barrier for new, compelling communications services and start prototyping services immediately on our Developer Portal through innovations such as cloud-based virtualization. In this manner, MSOs can increase their total addressable market, create new markets and inspire web developers’ innovation.

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