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More and more enterprises are adopting cloud services, and forward-looking service providers understand the need to engage the opportunity. Service providers need to optimize their operations and systems for delivery of cloud-based enterprise applications and manage a transformation of their own functional virtualization. Some will become cloud service providers themselves. The most successful will be those who embrace the innovative power and flexibility of the open cloud.

Alcatel-Lucent offers a rich set of cloud solutions that can help you generate new revenue, adopt open infrastructures, avoid vendor lock-in and move to NFV. If you’re a large enterprise, you can use Alcatel-Lucent solutions to build out your own private cloud while reaping the benefits of public and hybrid cloud services.

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Build a Better Cloud image

Our comprehensive solutions help you build a simple, efficient and open cloud infrastructure. With CloudBand™ you can unify orchestration and automation across the entire cloud infrastructure. With Nuage Networks network virtualization and automation solutions, you can transform the data center network into a dynamically consumed resource – just like virtualized compute and storage. Our solutions let you interconnect multiple cloud data centers with low-latency, highly secure connections at 100 Gbps speeds and beyond.

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Prepare the Network for the Cloud image

Alcatel-Lucent Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions will transform your cloud experience, making the network as responsive and easy to use as compute and storage in the cloud. Services are enhanced within the data center, between data centers and across the service provider WAN. With our solutions, you can provide secure network slices to thousands of customers to satisfy their application needs. Each customer gets the control and performance they need to confidently move business applications to the cloud. The WAN virtual private networks (VPNs) that connect users to the cloud are also more dynamic, enabling fast and easy service turn-up while reducing equipment and IT costs.

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Monetize the Cloud image

We help you deliver differentiated cloud services that scale to dozens of data centers and millions of customers across multiple geographies. Our solutions deliver the security, performance and reliability that your customers’ mission-critical applications demand.

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Leverage the Cloud image

Alcatel-Lucent will help you leverage your infrastructure and virtualize your own network functions in an open cloud environment. We will increase your speed and agility and simplify your operations for a more profitable business.

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Figure of our cloud portfolio using network functions virtualization and SDN.IT Services Public clouds Hybrid cloud Virtual private cloud Enterprise private cloud Cloud orchstration & automation Network Virtualization & automation Application Services NFV SDN

For more information about our Open Cloud Architecture, use the clickable diagram above.