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CloudBand™: The Platform for NFV

With the CloudBand platform for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), you can meet the requirements of your business while implementing new NFV network architectures.

With NFV, you can bring proven cloud computing and IT technologies to the networking domain. This helps reduce equipment, operations and power consumption costs while shortening the time needed to roll out new services and functionality.

But IT technologies alone are not enough. Because service provider applications are more demanding than most IT applications.

With the CloudBand NFV platform, service providers can meet these requirements and implement new NFV network architectures.

CloudBand supports both distributed clouds and dynamic network control to meet your application demands. It also optimizes network operations by automating cloud node management, application lifecycle management, smart placement, and network configuration.

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Purpose-built to serve as an NFV platform for service providers

Our CloudBand solution:

  • helps you migrate to an efficient and cost-effective operational model.
  • automates infrastructure and application provisioning.
  • enables self healing and scaling cloud resources, and
  • provides analytics for proactive cloud automation.

CloudBand comprises a software and hardware stack with 2 elements:
the CloudBand Management System and the CloudBand Node.


The CloudBand Management System orchestrates, automates, and optimizes virtual network functions across the service provider’s distributed network and data centers.

The management system aggregates distributed cloud nodes and provides a view of the entire NFV infrastructure as a single, carrier-grade pool.

CloudBand enables policy-based automation and support for changing operational roles and responsibilities.


The CloudBand Node is a turn-key, all-in-one, compute and storage node system. It includes hardware and software designed for efficient remote operation of distributed clouds.

The Node adopts operational models pioneered by Internet companies to achieve fast deployments with low total cost of ownership.

CloudBand Nodes are delivered as fully configured rack systems that can be automatically installed in a central office or datacenter within hours.

CloudBand orchestrates and automates across distributed datacenters

NFV applications need to respond in real-time with low latency. They also need to be highly available and survive disasters.

NFV infrastructures therefore need to be distributed across your entire coverage area.

CloudBand enables you to manage and orchestrate distributed datacenters and networks as one virtual entity, displaying status and resource availability across the entire infrastructure. CloudBand places NFV workloads optimally based on resource availability and business policies.

CloudBand leverages the service provider network

Service provider networks are high-performing, highly reliable and highly available.

You need to leverage that network by embedding network functions and relying on network connectivity.

With its network driver, CloudBand abstracts and automates network provisioning and monitoring while being agnostic to any third-party network equipment and/or software-defined network (SDN) implementation.

The Nuage Networks™ Virtual Services Platform is integrated with CloudBand. It enables a fully programmable datacenter network. Because the Nuage solution is policy driven, CloudBand users can create networking policies in the same way they create policies for compute and storage.

CloudBand automates the cloud node

Today’s node installation and operation is complex and costly, and you need professional teams to set up and maintain the equipment.

The CloudBand Node, on the other hand, bootstraps itself in less than 4 hours. Local staff need only to unpack the node and plug it in. The rest can be done remotely – and automatically.

The CloudBand Node monitors itself and is self-healing, autonomously reacting to failed components.

CloudBand provides application lifecycle management – Carrier PaaS (cPaaS)

CloudBand’s cPaaS application lifecycle manager removes the complexity in onboarding and handling multi-level applications. Any onboarded application can be deployed at a push of a button using CloudBand placement algorithms. Based on so-called “recipes,” cPaaS automates the monitoring, scaling, deployment and healing of applications.

CloudBand is open and multi-vendor

Any platform for NFV must be able to leverage the best solutions from different vendors, avoiding vendor lock-in and reusing existing infrastructure where appropriate.

CloudBand leverages OpenStack, the most active open source cloud community.

CloudBand does not lock you into a particular choice of compute and storage hardware. It can onboard NFV applications from small and large vendors and provides northbound and southbound industry standard APIs for use by applications and OSS/BSS.

With CloudBand You Can Realize the Promise of NFV:


Introduce and scale cloud services rapidly

Operational simplicity

Streamline planning, deployment and application life cycle management

Cost efficiency

Reduce hardware and software costs, cut down on manual processes and optimize asset utilization

New revenue streams

Differentiate by offering compelling cloud services


“The company provided strong evidence that its multiyear development of a cloud portfolio is bearing fruit in 2 key areas: a cloud management system that can encompass management of service provider NFV elements, and a distributed cloud node that can be deployed as a ‘cloud in a box’ close to the source of user demand.

“These developments were far ahead of service provider focused cloud solutions by other suppliers.”

Michael Sullivan-Trainor, TBR

Internet Telephony NFV Pioneer Award

The award honors products that have demonstrated innovation, unique features, and noteworthy developments toward improving Network Function Virtualization. June 2014

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