Data Center Solutions from the Network to the Cloud

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If you need to handle massive amounts of data and get new applications up and running at high speed, Alcatel-Lucent data center solutions deliver the capacity, connectivity and efficiency you’re looking for.

Whether your operations are massive or modest, global or local, we can help you optimize your data center performance from the top of the rack to the end of the row — and beyond.

Boost efficiency with field-proven switches and routers. Accelerate transport with high-bandwidth connectivity. Gain visibility into your entire data center infrastructure with cloud management capabilities.

From building the world’s top-performing networks, we bring the expertise and innovation to help you achieve peak data center efficiency — and lowest cost per bit.

Data center switching

For the speed and flexibility you need. From the edge to the core, Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch Ethernet data center switches give you the speed and versatility you need — from 10 to 40 GE on as many ports as you require.

Chassis-based and stackable, OmniSwitch products reduce power consumption and centralize management, keeping costs low and giving you the most intelligent network access control in the industry.

Data center routing

High density. Low energy. Always available. Integrating service-aware operations, administration, management and provisioning, Alcatel-Lucent 7000 series routers deliver the highest performance and availability.

The 7750 service router enables a converged network infrastructure that minimizes OPEX. Our 7950 Extensible Routing Solution delivers five times the density at one-third the energy of a typical solution for the ultimate in data center efficiency. And Alcatel-Lucent IPv6 solutions enable the delivery of next-generation of media content, from video to interactive TV.

Data center connectivity

High capacity and fully interoperable — from end to end. Our optical transport network solutions provide full end-to-end data center connectivity — for both legacy networks and next-generation packet optical transport.

With a full suite of TDM and packet services, Alcatel-Lucent can help you evolve toward pure-packet transport while getting the most out of your existing SONET/SDH networks.

Cloud media delivery

Deliver TV any time, anywhere, to almost any device. The network-based Alcatel-Lucent 5910 Cloud DVR creates a common platform for the packaging, storage and delivery of time-shifted TV services.

Based on carrier-grade appliances, it simplifies content delivery while reducing cost – and has the capability to quickly and easily scale up as customer demands increase. It works with all the latest content delivery technology while supporting legacy networks and maintaining backwards compatibility with installed set-top boxes.

Cloud management

Carrier-grade cloud service delivery and management. Flexible. Scalable. Adaptable. Alcatel-Lucent’s CloudBand management system is a hybrid solution that lets you take advantage of the cloud’s power and scalability while leveraging the high performance, reliability and security of traditionalcommunications networks.

Transform your data center by tapping into the cloud service delivery and management, enabling new services and improving efficiency while cutting costs.

Everything you need for your data center

More power. Easier access. The adaptability of the cloud, with capacity to spare. The solutions in our portfolio allow you to:

Scale flexibly
Scale whenever and however you need through advanced solutions including lightRadio and the 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS) — building extreme flexibility into your entire data center infrastructure.

Optimize your network
Higher density. Lower costs. Greater efficiency. Routing solutions like our award-winning 7950 model enable a converged network that delivers your data better and faster.

Strengthen your connections
Alcatel-Lucent Data Center Connect allows you to link geographically dispersed data centers with reduced latency and exceptional performance.

Extend your reach
Take virtualization beyond a single data center and across your entire network with our suite of Business Network Services, which feature our powerful Application-Assured VPNs

Keep your data secure
Real-time encryption in our 1830 Photonic Service Switch protects your data from end to end—between data centers and across your network, all the way to your end users.

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