IMS Communications - The New Conversation Experience

IMS Communications brings the new conversation experience to your customers

The New Conversation Experience puts your brand at the heart of your customer’s connected experience. With it you can:

Captivate your customers by helping them connect, share and organize their communications in an easy and compelling way.

Fast-track innovation with APIs and Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) by partnering with developers who need New Conversation services embedded in their applications.

Simplify with cloud so you can be the first to market with a new generation of IP communications services.

With the New Conversation Experience, online and real-world lives are brought together. People can easily share content and better organize their social and professional lives. Messaging and social feeds are seamlessly integrated and, with just the tap of a finger, voice, video and group calling can be activated intuitively, anywhere and on any device or any web page, web app or web connected object! Whether it’s a smartphone, TV, tablet, laptop, game console or even a car, conversations can move seamlessly between them.

Our IMS solutions provide the foundation for the New Conversation Experience. Open, scalable, innovative and programmable combining WebRTC and network APIs, they will help you achieve your business goals while our professional services de-risk your network transformation projects.

Captivate Your Customers

Captivate your customers by helping them connect, share and organize their communications in an easy and compelling way.

Today’s communications are fragmented across services, devices and networks. That’s why people need a New Conversation Experience — one that connects all their contacts and communications in the online and real worlds. One that shares more meaningful conversations within social and professional groups. And one that organizes the entire conversation experience in a single, intuitive service — available on any screen, regardless of the network.

The New Conversation Experience helps captivate customers, increasing the time they spend with your brand and raising their lifetime value for your business.

What is a conversation?

What is a Conversation?


Connect more easily

Harmonize people’s community of contacts from across their connected lives. Use one integrated service that works with all their conversational needs and makes it easy to move live conversations between video, voice and messaging.

Share more meaningful conversations

Make conversations more meaningful and engaging for individuals or groups. With high-definition video and audio, people won’t miss a word, an expression or a nuance. And they can share any type of content in real-time, simply and easily.

Organize the conversation experience

Ensure no contacts or conversations are lost. All messaging, voice, video calls and social media are delivered in one simple interface. Subscribers gain an interface that becomes a unified inbox for all messages and conversations regardless of what services their friends, family and business contacts use.

Any screen, any service, any web

Deliver the New Conversation Experience across any device, whether the tablet on the coffee table, the laptop in the bedroom or the phone in a pocket. During conversations, let people switch among these devices — seamlessly across any network.

And with web-based real time communications, bring the New Conversation Experience into web-browsers and give a voice to web sites, web applications, or ultimately into any new type of internet-connected objects.

Innovate fast with APIs and WebRTC. Share innovation opportunities with partners, and develop an API and web-communication strategy that will keep you relevant in the new communications market.

Continuous innovation by application and content providers is constantly changing the way we use the web. It is now time to bring carrier-grade communications to the web and to these innovations. To do that, you need a platform that enables web real time communications and exposes your network assets with easy-to-use APIs, partners for fostering more innovation and an innovation environment to start building your application now.

A platform - IMS as a real engine for rapid innovation with WebRTC Gateway and easy-to-use Network APIs

Our New Conversation APIs enable your IMS to become a cloud-based platform for rapid web innovation. You can speed up delivery of new innovative services from years to weeks. What’s more, you can foster innovation as both in-house and outside web developers get easy access to key network assets such as voice, video, messaging and presence.

Our WebRTC Gateway (co-resident with both configurations of our IP Border Controller) enables communication as a web service. With it you can extend IMS to web-connected devices and deliver your own branded WebRTC services to the market while ensuring interoperability with your existing communication platforms (IMS/PSTN/PLMN).

Combining New Conversation APIs with the WebRTC Gateway bridges IMS and Web. Just cross it to create a uniquely differentiated conversation experience and expand into new markets by presenting innovation opportunities to third parties who need managed, carrier-grade communication services.

A partnership - a dynamic ecosystem of application partners leveraging ngConnect program

Our developer ecosystem helps you partner with third-party application developers and access compelling new service concepts. We have a large community of developer partners leveraging our ngConnect program who specialize in a variety of industry markets.

A portal - A fast prototyping environment, to develop and pre-validate WebRTC services and communication apps on our IMS testing platform

Customers and partners can access the New Conversation APIs through our New Conversation APIs Developer Portal.

From here they can develop, test and validate their applications, WebRTC services or clients with our tools and sandbox, in weeks or even days.

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One Platform for Multiple Businesses

Unite the power of IMS with the simplicity of the cloud to bring a new generation of IP communications to market.

The market for IP communications is growing, and so are the opportunities to profit from it. Large-scale VoLTE deployments are happening. Consumers are embracing communications as a feature in applications and websites. Enterprises are seeking new and better ways to communicate, while drastically cutting costs. The market is ready for a New Conversation Experience.

IMS offers an ideal framework for building the New Conversation Experience. But IMS needs the cloud and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to deliver on the potential of the new communications market. The cloud is the only way to quickly achieve massive scale with new services. To lower the cost and complexity of the network. To affordably experiment with communications-enabled applications and websites.

Our virtualized IMS (vIMS) is a cloud communications platform that clears your path to cost-effective growth. It’s built for new market opportunities and built for the cloud.

Get to VoLTE faster

Our cloud communications platform speeds your move to VoLTE with a simple, scalable and cost-effective cloud deployment model. Designed for performance and agility, it combines our rich vIMS portfolio with cloud technologies that integrate seamlessly with any NFV platform or network infrastructure.

Innovate affordably with new web services

Our New Conversation APIs and WebRTC solution help you bring compelling communications services to any screen, web page or application. We make experimentation affordable with a cloud deployment model that adds simplicity to new services and applications. Our technology lets you quickly enhance your existing services, extend your brand to the web, and create new offers with third-party application partners.

Open up the new enterprise market

Our cloud communications platform helps you tap into large enterprise and vertical markets by cutting out the complexity of standalone, premise-based communications. We help you empower enterprises by providing high-performance converged fixed and mobile communications with built-in business logic. With our platform, you can use the cloud to extend hosted and managed solutions to any enterprise.

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