Kindsight Mobile Security

Kindsight™ Mobile Security uses the power of the network to deliver better and smarter protection to mobile subscribers. This solution combines network-based malware detection with a mobile device security app that finds and removes malicious software before it can be installed.



We estimate that mobile device infections rose by 20% in the first three quarters of 2013. Smart mobile devices, app stores and always-on mobile connectivity are making it easier for malware to spread, putting personal information and networks at risk. The need for protection has never been greater.

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Embedded in the mobile operator’s network, the solution is always on, always up to date, and always safe from criminals.
With Kindsight Mobile Security, you can increase revenue and reduce churn by offering value-added security services
that protect subscribers from the growing threat of malware.

Protect Subscribers

Offer complete subscriber protection by combining network-based malware detection and subscriber alerts with a mobile security app that prevents the installation of malicious apps.

Increase Revenues

Generate new and recurring revenues by offering value-added mobile security services to subscribers for a monthly fee. Bundle security services to upsell other services, or offer them at no cost through an advertising-supported model. Differentiate broadband services with a mobile operator-branded security app.

Reduce Churn

Reduce subscriber churn and improve the service experience by detecting and blocking malware. Keep subscribers happy by keeping their devices clear of infections that can cause subpar performance or unexpected data charges.

Seize the Mobile Security Opportunity

Mobile operators are uniquely well positioned to protect subscribers and the network. By leveraging your networks, you can gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the still-emerging mobile security market.

Get and stay ahead by offering services that:

  • Ease malware detection: Malware appears to come from different apps, but the attacks are often similar. Network-based security can detect malware faster than traditional, device-based antivirus software.
  • Remove the reliance on antivirus software: With network-based security, operators can notify and protect all subscribers — even those who haven’t installed antivirus software.
  • Prevent hacks and workarounds: Network-based security can’t be disabled, which makes it much more resilient than traditional, device-based antivirus solutions.

Build Business Models Around
Mobile Security

Kindsight Mobile Security helps you build compelling business models around subscriber protection.

With Kindsight, you can offer value-added security services for a monthly fee. You can use these services to upsell other services or to help ensure that your mobile broadband offerings stand out from the competition.

“Generally, CSPs are not leveraging the security assets they already own for their networks in conjunction with end-user security. By creating and selling security solutions that limit attack traffic, CSPs not only optimize their own networks, they gain the reputation as a secure business partner and the opportunity for increased revenue or user retention.” — Gartner



Kindsight Mobile Security in Action

Installed in the mobile operator’s network, the Kindsight Mobile Security solution combines client- and network-based security to detect threats, send alerts and remove malware. It uses network-based signatures — developed and continually updated by Kindsight Security Labs — to detect infections with low false positives.

The solution analyzes a mirrored copy of the mobile broadband traffic provided by a network tap in real time. The use of mirroring means that the subscriber’s original traffic is transmitted to the Internet unimpeded. It also ensures that the Kindsight solution has no impact on your Internet service availability, quality of service, latency or throughput.

Kindsight Mobile Security is easy to install, non-disruptive, and places very modest demands on your technical and operations resources.

Solution Components

  • Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS-8800): Sensors are deployed in the mobile operator network, typically at an aggregation or peering point. The sensors analyze traffic for malware using a tap or mirror port to ensure that there is no impact on network performance. They typically support 20 Gbps of traffic analysis and 100,000+ events per minute, and they can scale to support hundreds of millions of subscribers.
  • Alert Reporting Cluster (ARC): The cluster’s components are deployed at the mobile operator’s datacenter to process and store events from the NIDS-8800 sensors. The ARC sends security alerts to subscribers by way of email, SMS or as push notifications to the mobile security app
Kindsight Mobile Diagram

Kindsight Mobile security solution components



  • Mobile Security App: This simple, lightweight app combines malware alerts from the network and the device to give the subscriber insights into the level of risk posed to their mobile device. The app scans the device to identify malicious apps before they are installed and helps remove infections.
  • Kindsight Security Labs network-based signature updates