Metro Cell Express Site Certification Program

Speed time to market for metro cell deployment

You want a network that can be deployed on lightposts, bus stops, billboards, and other locations on a large scale. But finding the sites, installations crews, and backhaul access you need can be a challenge.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Metro Cell Express Site Certification Program, part of our Metro Cell Express offering, solves that challenge. With this program, we are bringing together a new group of suppliers who specialize in site acquisition, installation and backhaul. Backed by our expertise, our program members stand ready to help our customers bring new metro cell sites on air quickly and seamlessly, with certified small cell sites – speeding your time to market.

Removing the barriers to metro cell deployment

The market is driving the need for the rapid expansion of outdoor mobile capacity and coverage in both urban and rural environments. And small cells are the answer. According to ABI Research, outdoor small cell use will grow 7x by 2018 – and that’s not surprising.

But rapid metro cell deployment can be a challenge for mobile operators.

  • In an Informa Telecoms & Media Small Cells Market Status Report, nearly 60% of respondents rated deployment issues and backhaul as the top 2 challenges for outdoor small cells.
  • Lack of access to backhaul and power, environmental issues, and cell placement - including the need to deal with multiple landlords, new types of site owners and zoning issues – can delay deployment.
  • The push to deploy high volumes of metro cell sites quickly means finding the required crews to install and maintain the network.

Our Metro Cell Express Site Certification program removes these barriers. We bring together the value-added suppliers with our own expertise in small cells to make sure metro deployment happens right the first time, with speed, and on a large scale.

Our program trains and certifies new types of suppliers who can effectively address operator needs to rapidly deploy metro cells. Through the program, our members can quickly leverage Alcatel-Lucent’s knowledge and expertise in small cells and employ their own workforces to acquire sites, install, and provide backhaul for metro cells at a large scale. This opens a new revenue stream for them.

And it has untold benefits for our customers.

Faster time to market

Speed time to market as much as 40% by partnering with our certified site owners, installers and backhaul facility providers.

  • Save time negotiating with site owners. Our program members bring a database of available sites across a large geography.
  • Many of these site owners also have access to backhaul and power to their locations, which saves time on backhaul installation.
  • Take advantage of a certified pool of installers trained to deploy small cells right the first time.

Improved quality

Deploy to the right site at the right time and build a better quality metro cell network.

  • Put capacity where the users are by accessing new site types such as billboards, bike stands and bus shelters.
  • Optimize metro cell placement and utilization through Alcatel-Lucent site selection services and Bell Labs innovation and tools.

Lower costs

Lower deployment costs at least 20% by partnering with site owners.

  • Reduce CapEx expenditures on site acquisition and backhaul
  • Reduce OpEx on backhaul and maintenance

Program members

Alcatel-Lucent and its program members bring the right expertise to address metro cell deployment challenges for operators. Program members include U. S. cable operators (MSOs), systems integrators, managed services providers, site acquisition specialty firms and OSP Construction Specialists including our public founding members: Crown Castle, EdgeConneX, Knight Enterprises and Zayo.

Realize the benefits of Metro Cell Express Site Certification

Alcatel-Lucent is the leader in small cells. And with the Alcatel-Lucent Metro Cell Express Certification Program, we address the most important metro cell deployment challenges by sharing our expertise with our program members.

These suppliers unleash access to tens of thousands of approved installation technicians, and hundreds of thousands of qualified outdoor small cell sites. With our knowledge and experience behind them, our program members have the know-how to speed your time to market and lower your costs.

Contact us for more information on the program and how you can get your metro cell network up and running fast.

Small Cell
Innovation Leadership

Small Cell Innovation Leadership Award

"Selecting from a number of strong entries in this category of Small Cell innovation leadership, the Judges felt that this entry dealt with a significant and specific issue that would otherwise hold back rapid take-up. Although not a product specific issue, the processes used today to identify, survey and approve potential small cell sites can be time consuming and could significantly slow the pace of rollout. Alcatel-Lucent’s novel approach directly addresses the issue and we expect has defined a business model that will be adopted elsewhere," said David Chambers, 2014 Small Cells Forum Awards Lead Judge for the Category.

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