Motive ServiceView for Home

Get closer to customers: Optimize the connected home experience

Motive ServiceView for Home builds a better customer experience around the connected home. It enables you to execute on a holistic customer experience management (CEM) vision that combines device management and activation
with comprehensive customer care and analytics. With ServiceView for
Home, you can reduce costs while delivering a superior connected home
experience that inspires customers to stay loyal and spend more.

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Build a better connected home experience

To improve the connected home experience, you need to understand and address it from the customer’s perspective. For customers, the home is the network. It’s an environment that promises compelling new experiences. But it’s also one that constantly presents new complexities and challenges. The key to satisfying customers is to take on each of these challenges with a customer experience vision that spans devices, applications, services and the network.

ServiceView for Home lets you build a CEM vision that optimizes the connected home experience and brings you closer to customers. It expands your view of the connected home ecosystem, enabling you to deliver better agent-assisted and self-service care for home devices, services and the home network. Using data, analysis and workflows, it helps your customer service representatives (CSRs) and customers overcome complexity and resolve problems quickly.

Create new opportunities to engage customers

The home has become an extension of the network, offering new ways to support and engage customers. ServiceView for Home offers self-care clients, applications and portals that make it easy for your customers to access, consume and get support for services from their home-connected devices. Advanced analytics let you create personalized offers that drive data usage and increase service revenue.

See and control more of the connected home experience

Your customers want a simple and consistent experience that spans every connection. You want to reduce costs by streamlining support processes. ServiceView for Home helps you deliver on both by giving you an end-to-end view of the connected home experience. It provides automated diagnostics and troubleshooting that pinpoint and resolve common broadband issues. It complements this automation with applications that empower both CSRs and consumers to solve a wider range of problems.

Resolve problems before customers experience them

Network and service reliability influence customers’ perceptions of your brand. ServiceView for Home boosts these perceptions by fixing problems before customers notice them. Working proactively, it analyzes data from numerous sources and triggers workflows to correct emerging network connectivity, device configuration, service performance and QoS issues. This proactive approach reduces call drivers and truck rolls, helping you lower operating expenses while improving customer satisfaction, reducing churn, and increasing your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

An end-to-end solution for the connected home

Motive ServiceView for Home combines the strengths of many Alcatel-Lucent products to enable you to execute on a holistic CEM vision for the connected home. Spanning applications, platforms, management functions and services, its flexible and modular architecture can be deployed quickly and efficiently in multivendor network environments. ServiceView for Home also offers an open, standards-based framework that supports easy integration with B/OSS and network management systems.

Image shows the flexible multivendor architecture used by Motive ServiceView for Home


Motive Customer Service Console speeds service setup and improves agent-assisted care. This simple interface combines unified customer experience data with standardized workflows to guide CSRs through problem identification and resolution.

Motive Self-Service Console offers a web-based portal and mobile application that standardize the customer experience across fixed and mobile device platforms. It uses tight integration with Motive platforms, applications and device management capabilities to allow customers to access self care on any device. The result is a personalized, contextual experience for diagnosing and troubleshooting configuration and performance issues related to home LANs, devices, applications and Wi-Fi.


Motive Service Management Platform makes it easy to create and execute advanced workflows for agent-assisted care, self-care and proactive care. It reduces average handle time (AHT) by automating problem diagnosis and resolution, providing instant access to device information, and coordinating management tasks across the service delivery ecosystem.

Motive Data Management Platform uses data to manage subscriber devices more effectively. It stores large amounts of device information in a normalized view and uses analytics to personalize and optimize the customer experience.


Motive Home Device Manager allows you to remotely manage the customer premises equipment — including home gateways, IP set-top boxes and VoIP adapters — that make up a home networking environment. It supports the Broadband Forum’s TR-069 standard along with one-to-one and bulk device management, firmware management and zero-touch device activation.

ServiceView for Home Support Templates give customers and CSRs the information they need to diagnose and troubleshoot fixed and mobile LAN devices. These templates reduce support calls with a self-help portal and client that let customers diagnose in-home service quality across many different devices. They improve customer satisfaction by streamlining escalation processes and supplying CSRs with real-time insights into customers’ home networks, device configurations and services.


Our complete professional services and consulting offer helps you identify, understand and meet your unique business objectives. With our help, you can create a connected home experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Winner of the Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan 2013 Global Award for Product Leadership in CEM, the Motive portfolio helps service providers unite decision makers, organizations, processes and strategies around a holistic customer experience vision.

Alcatel-Lucent understands fixed broadband and home networking. We offer global leadership in solutions that seamlessly manage fixed and mobile devices. Our Motive portfolio is the trusted choice of more than 250 service providers, including BT, China Unicom, KPN, STC, Swisscom and Verizon. In one Tier 1 environment alone, the portfolio is integrated with more than 100 back-end systems. The Motive portfolio manages 80 million access lines, 80 million broadband devices and 70 million mobile devices worldwide.

“Although other competing vendors do provide end-to-end CEM solutions, none match the breadth and depth of Alcatel-Lucent’s offering.”

Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan