Motive Dynamic Operations

Make your operations dynamic to fully realize the opportunity of the cloud.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Dynamic Operations provides network operators with a path for meeting today’s operational challenges of all-IP networks and tomorrow’s promise of virtualized, software networks. Motive Dynamic Operations are designed to help you bring new services to market quickly, keep pace with innovation, and capture the full potential of SDN and NFV.

Cloud innovation sets the stage for a new and more dynamic business for network operators, one that allows you to creatively lead and nimbly react as these innovations drive change and create opportunity at a rapid pace. But, imagining, designing, and building new services is only half of the equation. In order to capture the full opportunity you need to deliver, operate, and support this expanding array of new services at the same pace and quality with which you run the rest of your business. Operations need to fuel innovation and help you realize the promises of SDN and NFV.

At the heart of the operation are the Operations Support Systems (OSS), which today suffer from silo’d architectures that provide an incomplete view of network and IT resources. This creates the need for time consuming and cumbersome manual interventions in order to maintain an accurate holistic picture of the operations environment. Our Motive Dynamic Operations will provide a dynamically automated OSS environment that will help operators deliver, operate, and support new and dynamic services for the customers that are demanding them.

The Dynamic Operations portfolio will allow service providers to make their operation systems as agile as their virtualized network and data center, providing a unified view of the network and cloud infrastructure. It will provide real-time analytics to drive decision making and will automate many of today’s manually intensive OSS processes and decisions to dynamically react to network, application and device conditions ensuring an optimized customer experience.


Our Motive Dynamic Operations offer you:

Make your operations dynamic to fully realize the opportunity of the cloud.

An Abstracted View

Our Motive Service & Unified Resource Engine (SURE) creates an end-to-end unified view of existing network technologies, IT data center/cloud configuration resources, and virtualized network resources for both Dynamic Assurance and Dynamic Fulfillment. This sets the foundation for streamlined operations that enable service providers to seamlessly migrate existing and new services to efficient, flexible virtualized networks.

Automated Fulfillment and Assurance

Closing the loop by driving alignment between the Dynamic Fulfillment and Dynamic Assurance processes through automation and real-time service orchestration, our solutions help service providers to quickly ramp-up new services, shortening time to market and time to revenue.

Analytics for Customer Experience

Using an analytics-driven approach helps you to resolve service and network issues more quickly. Our solutions, by integrating predictive analytics, help move you from reactive to proactive problem solving. We do this by identifying and automating network changes in order to prevent service interruptions and network faults from occurring.




The comprehensive Motive Dynamic Operations portfolio includes:


The comprehensive Motive Dynamic Operations portfolio



Rapidly create innovative services and seamlessly make network changes without impacting fulfillment orchestration. Our solution also allows you to create a simplified and open fulfillment architecture that works across Telco and IT and isolates business rules from the network.


Address customer needs by bringing customer care and network operations closer together. Our solution provides analytics-driven automation of service assurance and allows you to build in proactive, automated processes that help identify and resolve service and network issues before they occur.


Execute on the promise of SDN/NFV by closing the loop between Dynamic Assurance and Dynamic Fulfillment through a common Service & Unified Resource Engine (SURE) that automates the discovery and reconciliation of network resources.



Why Choose Motive Dynamic Operations

Reduce OPEX

Abstracting the network and service views out of their traditional silos drives greater automation and dramatically reduces the cost to operate the business. Studies by Alcatel-Lucent based on customer deployments show that unifying and automating OSS operations can result in a 30-50 percent reduction in time to market, a 50-70 percent reduction in time to service, and cost reductions of approximately 25-50 percent.

Inspire Loyalty

Addressing the customer experience gap by providing a way for service providers to bring their network operations closer to their customer care operations in a more simplified and automated manner. By moving to a dynamic operations approach that closes the loop between service fulfillment and service assurance, customer care has faster access to the tools and personnel needed to help them address customer needs in a more expedited fashion resulting in improved customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Increase Revenue

By taking an end-to-end approach to automation, from the device to the network to the service layer, you can improve your focus on your customers, creating on-demand experiences, and new market opportunities that help you bring innovative and lucrative new services to market faster and with higher quality.


We have been a trusted multi-vendor system integrator for the world’s largest operators. Our leadership and expertise has helped us secure relationships with over 300+ customers spanning over 70+ countries. We have a dedicated team of software engineers that are highly proficient in the front office/back office customer operations model. Alcatel-Lucent is leading the way in OSS transformation by having:

  • THE RIGHT VISION - We are a committed leader in SDN and NFV, bringing first-to-market solutions in CloudBand, Nuage, and key network functions such as IMS, EPC, and RAN.
  • THE RIGHT POSITION - We have been a leading multi-vendor system integrator for many years, bringing proven solutions to the market that leverage open, modular software IP that we have built for leading customers throughout the world.
  • THE RIGHT PORTFOLIO - With our Motive Service Management Platform and Motive Big Network Analytics, we have automated the E2E customer care process with improved visibility into the end customer service, the device, and network through analytics.