Software-Defined Networking

Prepare Your Network
for the Cloud

Equip your network to respond to evolving demands caused by the move to the cloud. Alcatel-Lucent Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions help you meet these demands and drive new efficiencies across your networks.

Reduce the complexity of your operations and be as responsive and adaptive as you need to be to meet the dynamic nature of cloud-based consumption models. We offer SDN-optimized optical and IP networking infrastructure services for service providers and — via our venture Nuage Networks — SDN solutions to improve data center and branch networking.

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SDN for data center and branch network virtualization

Effortlessly connect and react to changes in your data center or at the branch locations with speed, agility, and flexibility.

Data Center Network Virtualization

Responsive data center networking

Build and operate your network at any scale: a single rack, Fortune 500 scale, or service provider cloud. The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform lets you instantaneously and automatically deliver compute, storage and networking resources securely to thousands of tenants and user groups.

Branch Network Virtualization

Virtual private networking on your terms

Both service providers and enterprises respond faster and with greater agility to changes in their environment with Virtualized Network Services (VNS). Deliver network services where needed, when needed, and as needed, over any network, any cloud, and any form-factor or deployment model. With full control and visibility you can define service capabilities and establish a hierarchy of policies that can be consistently and seamlessly applied.

SDN for infrastructure services

If you are operating a large network with many IP and optical connections, download our SDN white paper for insight into how:

  • SDN can help you minimize OSS-to-network integration complexity, which is stifling service innovation and provisioning, and
  • You can leverage real-time visibility and control of multi-layer, multivendor networks so you can run them hotter and more efficiently.

Align your network with your cloud

Transform the way the enterprise builds and uses the networks within the data center, between data centers, and across the service provider WAN.

Our SDN solutions simplify complex IT/OSS-driven networks and place their components into an SDN framework. This framework makes each component more dynamic, open, and flexible in response to enterprise networking needs.

Programmable IP/optical transport layer

The Alcatel-Lucent SDN framework

  • Enables the massively scalable, high-quality delivery of next-generation business network services
  • Create multiple transport planes tailored for the unique quality of service requirements of your cloud applications and service

Network services layer

  • Extracted from, and runs on top of, the programmable IP/optical transport layer
  • Massive multi-tenant scale with SDN Controller
  • Rapid instantiation with policy-based provisioning function
  • Optimal use of IP/optical transport resources with dynamic resource discovery and control
  • Standardized APIs allow applications to control the network using technology-agnostic business language

Simplified customer edge

  • Contains a simple forwarding capability and service endpoints.
  • Endpoints are programmed and controlled by the network service layer to reduce capital and operating expenses relating to customer premises equipment

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