Software-Defined Networking

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Alcatel-Lucent has designed a better way to build, operate and consume cloud networks.
Our Nuage Networks™ portfolio offers Software Defined Networking (SDN) that can help you unleash the real power of the cloud.


French Public Cloud Provider Numergy set to deliver highly secure Enterprise Cloud services with Nuage Networks SDN Solutions

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Enterprises have been quick to see the value of cloud services. The cloud promises to combine the control and visibility of a private IT infrastructure with the superior economics of a shared one. To deliver on this promise, the cloud infrastructure must provide on-demand access to any application, anywhere.

Next up: Network virtualization

Server virtualization paved the way for dynamic resource sharing in servers. Once, servers were dedicated to a single environment and application. Now, a server can easily support dozens of virtual machines and thousands of virtual endpoints. The next step is to make network services as virtualized and readily available as the server and storage infrastructure. To unlock the full potential of cloud services, compute and network resources must be dynamic and instantly available.


Comparing traditional and virtualized network environments

Figure: From traditional to virtualized: Unlocking the cloud's full potential


Make your network cloud-ready with Alcatel-Lucent SDN

Alcatel-Lucent brings cloud transformation within reach. We break up complex IT/OSS-driven networks and place their components into an SDN framework. This framework makes each component more flexible, open and responsive to enterprise networking needs. It is transforming the way enterprises build and use their networks within the data center, between data centers and across the service provider WAN.

The programmable IP/optical transport layer enables the massively scalable, high-quality delivery of next-generation business network services. Virtualization enables the creation of multiple transport planes tailored for the unique QoS and SLA requirements of cloud applications and services.

The network services layer is extracted from, and runs on top of, the programmable IP/optical transport layer. Within the network services layer, an SDN controller provides massive multi-tenant scale, and a policy-based provisioning function provides rapid instantiation at massive scale. Dynamic resource discovery and control ensure that IP/optical transport resources are used with optimal efficiency. A standardized set of APIs allows applications to control the network using technology-agnostic business language.

The simplified customer edge contains a simple forwarding capability and service endpoints. The network service layer programs and controls these endpoints to reduce capital and operating expenses relating to customer premises equipment (CPE).


New Alcatel-Lucent SDN framework for the virtualized network

Figure: New Alcatel-Lucent SDN framework for the virtualized network.


Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform

The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) enables cloud service providers, web-scale operators and tech enterprises to build robust and highly scalable networking infrastructures. These new infrastructures can instantaneously deliver secure virtual slices of readily consumable compute, storage and networking resources to thousands of tenants and user groups.

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Aimed initially at data centers, the Nuage Networks VSP leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s SDN framework and global expertise in IP networks to:

  • Simplify operations for rapid service instantiation. The cloud places a premium on speed. With the Nuage Networks VSP, IT administrators can quickly define network service requirements using clear, IT-friendly language. They can dramatically reduce time to service by relying on automated, policy-based instantiation of network connectivity to bring services up.
  • Respond to changing business requirements with flexible, adaptable services. Data centers must be able to adapt dynamically as application needs evolve. When virtual machines are created or changed, the Nuage Networks VSP solution automatically adapts network services in accordance with established policies.
  • Support massive scalability and hybrid models with secure, open infrastructure. The cloud world is all about growth. The Nuage Networks VSP supports massive, multi-tenant infrastructures and hybrid clouds with seamless interconnection to an enterprise’s Ethernet Layer 2 or IP Layer 3 VPN. Its distributed policy-based approach decouples the evolution of compute and networking technologies. This means that multiple virtualization platforms can interoperate over a single network.


Extending SDN power to the service provider WAN

Software Defined Networking can also transform your WAN. Using the SDN framework, Alcatel-Lucent has developed VPNs that can instantly create secure network connections to respond to application demand. These new SDVPNs will complement the MPLS VPNs that now connect most large enterprises. With SDVPNs, enterprises can supplement their permanent network connections with new on-demand connections. These new connections can be instantiated wherever and whenever new sites and business applications need to connect to compute and storage resources deployed in the cloud.

Figure shows how SDVPN can be used in the WAN architecture

Figure: Transforming the WAN with SDVPN



SDVPNs will empower enterprises to address IT needs faster and more cost effectively. Communications and cloud service providers can offer managed SDVPNs as an alternative to enterprises that currently buy and manage their own network equipment to build "DIY" VPNs.

With our knowledge and expertise in IP networks, SDN and virtualization, Alcatel Lucent is taking a bold step forward to transform the way companies build and use their networks, within the data center, between data centers and across the service provider WAN.

What people are saying about our SDN solution

"UPMC has been a leader in virtualizing our data centers to provide fast, reliable and flexible services to our clinicians and other customers in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. With the Nuage Networks SDN solution, we hope to further our strategy of using smart technology to support patient-centered, accountable care." William Hanna, Vice President of IT Infrastructure at UPMC

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"At Exponential-e we are operating in a very competitive market and pride ourselves on delivering the most innovative and differentiated services. As such, we are pleased to trial the Nuage Networks SDN solution to meet the dynamic needs of our customers." Mukesh Bavisi, Managing Director, Exponential-e

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"As they transition to a virtualized server environment and cloud services, data center operators are looking for a networking platform that supports operational efficiency and can quickly adapt to application needs. Nuage Networks has responded to this requirement with a programmable SDN-based solution to virtualize and automate networks that can work in open environments. Data center operators should find the Nuage Networks solution intriguing." David Krozier, Principal Analyst, Ovum

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"Even though application workloads are increasingly virtualized, non-virtualized workloads will be with us for a long time. Recognizing the need to support both bare-metal workloads and virtualized workloads, Nuage Networks’ approach to network virtualization includes software gateways and white-box gateways as well as high-performance gateways, enabling customers to expand their virtualized workloads while incorporating their non-virtualized assets as they advance toward the full business value that can be derived from the hybrid cloud." Brad Casemore, Research Director of Datacenter Networks, IDC

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"The term "SDN" has different meanings for various groups. However, with Nuage Networks, Alcatel-Lucent’s strategy seems to be taking a bigger, more holistic approach, in essence redefining how both carrier and enterprise networks are built. In my view, Nuage Networks will allow operators to incorporate, operate, and provision data center cloud services as an integral part of their network services, rather than as an "attachment" to their network." Michael Howard, Principal Analyst & Co-Founder, Infonetics Research

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"From our SDN surveys, enterprises and global service providers understand that automation through network abstraction will deliver benefits in operational efficiency and shorter time to new revenue. A hybrid architecture integrating virtualized and non-virtualized infrastructure will make SDN practical now. The Nuage Networks 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway fits this market requirement for a high performance gateway using time-tested software on performance optimized hardware. Nuage Networks is an innovative entrant in the SDN market that will grow over the next decade." Cliff Grossner Ph.D., Directing Analyst Data Center and Cloud, Infonetics

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