Our markets

Alcatel-Lucent addresses the business needs of service providers, industries and public institutions. Our networks enable our customers to unleash their business value and build successful digital services. Every success has its network.

Our customers

Service providers

  • Telecommunications : Telecommunications service providers unleash the value in their networks with our IP networking, cloud, and ultra-broadband access innovations.
  • Cable MSOs: Cable MSOs accelerate IP transformation with our ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access, IP and optical networks, and cloud platforms.

Public sector

  • Defense: Defense forces respond smarter and faster and maintain control everywhere with our highly secured military communications solutions.
  • Governments: Governments transform themselves into smart governments with our ultra-broadband, cloud, and machine-to-machine (M2M) innovations.
  • Public safety: First responders work quickly and safely by using our public safety communication solutions to deliver mission-critical voice, data, and video services.


  • Highways: Highway agencies and road operators ensure safe, connected travel by using our ultra-broadband network to build, renew, and migrate to intelligent transportation systems.
  • Large enterprises: Large healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and retail enterprises solve new IT challenges with our agile and scalable IP communications, transport, data center, and cloud solutions.
  • Oil & gas: Oil & gas companies increase their efficiency, safety and geographic reach by using our all-IP and ultra-broadband innovations to transition to the digital oil field.
  • Power utilities: Power utilities use our smart grid communications solutions to streamline their operations, deliver power reliably, and drive smarter energy management.
  • Railways: Railways provide on-time, safe, and connected journeys by using our ultra-broadband network to build, renew and migrate to smart rail systems.

Our market share

Core networking segment

IP Routing

  • #2 in IP Services Edge Routing with 27% market share based on revenues in 20141
  • #2 in total routing (global) with 21% market share based on revenues in 20141
  • A total of more than 500,000 service router platforms shipped to over 650 service provider customers in 130 countries worldwide

1Industry analysts

IP Transport

  • #4 in total optical networking with 12% market share based on revenues in 20141
  • Only vendor to ship 200G ports in 2014

1Industry analysts

IP Platforms

  • An IMS market leader with 115 IMS customer projects, including 45 with live commercial traffic. Leading the market in IMS VoLTE with 11 contracts and presence in every region, including the 2 largest VoLTE networks in North America, and the #1 share of VoLTE licenses shipped.>12
  • Approximately 100 Subscriber Data Management deployments with over one billion subscribers1
  • Over 600 Motive Customer Experience Management deployments worldwide to fulfill, optimize and protect customer experiences1
  • CloudBand has been involved in 26 NFV customer projects, including 4 commercial commitments: 3 with service providers and 1 with a government customer

1Alcatel-Lucent estimate
2Industry analysts

Access segment


  • #4 in Total Wireless Radio Access Networks (RAN) with 12% market share based on revenues in 20141
  • #4 in LTE with 14% market share based on revenues in 20141
  • Small cell industry leader with 76 customer contracts through the end of 20141

1Industry analysts

Fixed Access

  • #1 in broadband access with 42% DSL market share based on ports shipped in 20141
  • #1 in very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL2) with 45% market share based on ports shipped in 2014. We currently have 28 contracts and over 65 trials for VDSL2 Vectoring and shipped over 10 million VDSL2 Vectoring lines12
  • #3 in gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology based on ports shipped with 22% market share in 20141

1Industry analysts
2Alcatel-Lucent data

Managed Services

  • Managed Services contracts in approximately 80 networks that cover over 200 million subscribers1

1Alcatel-Lucent estimate