CloudBand™ Ecosystem Program


CloudBand™ Ecosystem Program

Helping Service Providers Get NFV Faster

Network functions virtualization (NFV) promises to transform the telecommunications industry with increased agility and operational efficiency. But NFV is a journey that will present many challenges along the way and impact many of us who care about this market: NFV application vendors, NFV solution partners as well and service providers.

Building New Partnerships with CloudBand

CloudBand is our end-to-end NFV platform. Open and multivendor, it’s been built to support the stringent needs of carriers and speed the move to NFV. With the CloudBand Ecosystem Program, we’re making CloudBand available to the entire industry for free. Our goal is to foster collaboration and experimentation that will accelerate adoption of NFV and create new business opportunities across the industry.

Our program provides a hub where application providers, platform partners and service providers can share information and collaborate on everything related to NFV. When you join, you will be able to:

  • Get access to our CloudBand NFV Lab; a carrier-grade environment located in Naperville, Illinois.
  • Review use cases and proof points that highlight current areas where service providers are looking for specific solutions
  • Access case studies and videos on some of the latest NFV advances
  • Use our chat room to meet other program members and discuss current trends in the industry
  • Join webcasts covering current NFV challenges and opportunities
  • Participate in roundtables and events with other members of the NFV community

We believe that a knowledgeable community with an effective virtual workspace can deliver the next generation of best-of-breed technologies for service providers. And by working together, the process of specifying and integrating all the pieces can be faster, accelerating the reality of NFV in the cloud.

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Why join the Cloudband Ecosystem Program?

INNOVATE more quickly through collaboration
ACCELERATE development with an open NFV platform
CREATE new business opportunities at a faster pace

Benefits for NFV solution partners and NFV application vendors

Connect with an ecosystem of NFV partners

  • Connect with leading service providers that are making advancements in NFV
  • Keep up with the latest developments of the ETSI group that is helping to shape the future of virtualization
  • Collaborate with companies that are driving NFV strategy and adoption

Access CloudBand, the market’s first NFV platform

  • Ease application on-boarding with a dedicated NFV lab that includes tools, use cases and support
  • Scale your application to meet the stringent demands of service provider customers
  • Test, develop and run applications in a network functions virtualized environment
  • Get tools and resources that will help you shape product development and create proofs of concept for NFV

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Benefits for service providers

Collaborate with like-minded NFV solution partners and application vendors

  • Gain access to an NFV-ready network functions ecosystem
  • Break down barriers to innovation by collaborating with like-minded partners

Accelerate your NFV transformation by leveraging best-of-breed NFV vendors

  • Help create NFV use cases that will shape the future of the network
  • Build demos and break new ground with NFV trials that will lead to simplified network architectures

Speed service deployment

  • Reduce development time and costs by streamlining the service lifecycle — from planning, sourcing and deployment to operations, support and end-of-life termination

Learn more about the CloudBand ecosystem >

Driven by the needs of leading service providers

  • Reduce equipment costs
  • Use less space and power
  • Simplify management
  • Lower operational costs
  • Scale to address real needs
  • Manage multivendor equipment
  • Accelerate application design and integration
  • Become faster and more agile

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