5020 Media Gateway Controller-8


5020 Media Gateway Controller-8

The 5020 Media Gateway Controller-8 (MGC-8) enables service providers to migrate the legacy voice services towards next generation multimedia services. The 5020 MGC-8 provides the media gateway control functionality for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) networks and delivers a full range of transit services and protocol support.

The 5020 MGC-8 supports also the media gateway control function (MGCF) which is essential in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks while acting as a seamless bridge between these new converged multiservice networks and the legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


  • Fault-tolerant fully redundant purpose-built platform hardware
  • Support of in-service software upgrades allows ease in operation
  • Carrier grade services
  • Support of standardized open interfaces and protocols
  • Compliance with ETSI/ANSI/TISPAN IMS recommendations for signaling


  • Multiple applications support on the common platform namely NGN Class 4 and Toll Tandems, CDMA Gateway MSC (GMSC) and IMS Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF)
  • Multiprotocol support for legacy and converged network operation
  • Purpose built platform supports the signaling gateway and media gateway with the same hardware and software platform
  • Available in an integrated or stand-alone mode
  • Geographical redundancy
  • Support of ENUM/Domain based routing
5020 MGC-8