5780 Dynamic Services Controller

The Alcatel-Lucent 5780 Dynamic Services Control (DSC) is a platform based on Agile Rules Technology (A.R.T.) that allows service providers to deploy services quickly and easily with high performance, scalability, flexibility, and maintainability.

With its Policy Control Module, the 5780 DSC provides the Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) for 3G/4G wireless networks and for wireline access.  With this module, service providers can deliver innovative and personalized services to monetize their networks.

To enable the service provider to create contextual, segmented, and personalized data offers while supporting user controls to simplify the mobile data experience, the 5780 DSC offers the Smart Plan Builder as part of the Smart Plan Solution.

To help service providers better manage the rapid increase in control plane traffic, the 5780 DSC offers the Diameter Control Point, which comprises a complete suite of Diameter routing capabilities.

Benefits & Features

Delivers unmatched ease of use, flexibility, scalability, performance, availability and maintainability

  •  Rules-engine design based on Alcatel-Lucent A.R.T.
  • Three levels of stateful redundancy with no single point of failure
  •  Full Diameter Routing capabilities

Reduces deployment and integration costs while accelerating lead times to generating new streams of revenue from personalized services

  • Flexible and fully customizable interfaces for integration with third-party network elements with field-proven integration and IOT completion with a wide range of PCC and 3G/4G Mobile Packet Core components  
  •  Embedded Subscription Profile Repository (SPR) and external SPR mediation layer supporting legacy third-party external databases
  •  Converged usage management and charging integration capabilities
  •  Advanced notification capabilities supporting a wide varieties of notification targets, including SMS, email, SOAP/XML, RESTful and XMPP

Accelerates the path to full multi-access support across a common, converged IP backbone

  •  Wireline PCRF policy management with a RADIUS/CoA interface to a BNG or BRAS
  •  Converged policy management on the same platform and software instance