Motive Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Server

The Motive Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Server consolidates authentication and helps harmonize QoE across networks and technologies. Service providers and enterprises benefit from fast time to market, simplified management and lower TCO.

The Motive AAA Server addresses complex resource sharing and roaming partnerships and the integration of disparate technologies. These include LTE, Wi-Fi®, femto/small cell, CDMA, GSM/UMTS, DSL, and GPON. The flexible, extensible PolicyFlow™ architecture is built on Oracle® Java™ for defining how RADIUS and Diameter requests are processed and for writing custom AAA policies. An in-memory session data store tracks authentication session details.

The Motive AAA Server delivers expanded functionality for the deployment of wireless LANs and other networks supporting fixed-mobile roaming and blended multimedia services. The Motive AAA Server Management Tool (SMT) supports server configuration and detailed monitoring as a local or remote AAA application.

Benefits & Features

Lowers TCO by supporting multiple networks and applications simultaneously on one platform

  • Powerful, flexible policy engine, with support for non-standard authentication flows
  • PolicyFlow™ scripting language for multivendor support of virtually any RADIUS or Diameter client
  • Extreme performance with some of the industry's highest TPS rates

Decreases time to market by negating the need for custom development to support new use cases

  • Compliance with industry standards, with full support for RADIUS, Diameter and EAP
  • Network integration with HSS, HLR and Web services-enabled applications
  • Session data store for tracking details about each authentication session and for troubleshooting

Scales easily to support a virtually unlimited number of subscribers with multiple configurations

  • Pre-integration with the Alcatel-Lucent 8661 Directory Server (LDAP)
  • Integration with the Alcatel-Lucent 8650 Subscriber Data Manager for profile centralization
  • Support for local and geographic redundancy, with flexible retry/alternate data source logic