Rapport Centralized Operations Manager

The Alcatel-Lucent Rapport™ Centralized Operations Manager (COM) is an element management system (EMS) that consolidates IMS and next-generation network management. Operators benefit from decreased OPEX, value-added vertical modules, flexible deployment options and mass data migration tools to cost-effectively manage their networks at peak performance.

With the COM, operators can perform all functions required to manage over 40 network element (NE) types, including IMS, next-generation switching and LTE. The COM consolidates the northbound fault, configuration and performance management interfaces terminating in the service provider's network management system. Proactive network management features include an easy-to-use GUI, detailed reports and analyses, and consolidated fault information for reduced mean time to repair (MTTR).

The COM is designed to support Alcatel-Lucent NEs, applications and solutions but can easily be adapted to support network equipment from other suppliers.

Benefits & Features

Reduces OPEX associated with managed networks

  • Customer interfaces are consolidated in their network management system
  • Single seat management: performance of multiple network management functions from the same user interface
  • Single GUI for many functions for reduced operations training impacts

Reduces MTTR and improves network availability and reliability

  • Trouble identification and root cause isolation, with contextual alarm help
  • Consolidated performance and fault indications in a single-seat GUI
  • Value-added vertical modules, such as Quality of Service Analysis Center

Reduces provisioning times and improves network scalability

  • High-volume provisioning APIs for provisioning automation
  • Management of very small to very large networks with flexible, scalable deployment options
  • Single hardware platform reduces space, power and management costs