Motive Wireless Network Guardian

The Motive Wireless Network Guardian (WNG) is a mobile network analytics product that offers network performance, user QoE and trend analysis for operations, engineering and planning organizations.

WNG is a real-time, multi-vendor, multi-technology (2.5G/3G/LTE) product that taps into the signaling and IP flows generated by mobile devices across the RAN, backhaul and packet core. It correlates data from 6 dimensions (subscriber, device, application, network, signaling and IP flow) - that’s mobile intelligence6 (m.IQ6).

The product measures performance; detects anomalies and congestion; reports airtime, signaling and bandwidth resource consumption; and analyzes trends per node, device type, technology and application.

With over 7,000 off-the-shelf reports and strong Forensics Services team WNG provides immediate value to customers. It's also a building block for our Intelligent Traffic Management and Motive Big Network Analytics solutions.

Benefits & Features

Enables improved subscriber QoE, customer satisfaction and service differentiation from the competition

  • Proactively detect problems, abnormal interactions and worrisome trends before they impact subscribers
  • Faster problem resolution using summarized and detailed user interaction information
  • Automatic detection of user anomalies and low QoE score alert

In-depth mobile intelligence for making strategic decisions

  • Deep insights into the performance, volume and growth of devices, applications, network, users, and signaling
  • 7,000 off-the-shelf reports
  • Performance comparison with peer networks globally by forensic services

Keeps service delivery costs contained even when introducing new solutions to monetize the network

  • Identify resource wastage, discover bottlenecks and test impact of new product before launch
  • Assure the performance of M2M applications with the same mobile analytics solution
  • Use WNG for selective traffic optimization and big network analytics