Public Safety


Public Safety

A broader view for a sharper response

Make your operations sharper with Alcatel-Lucent public safety communications solutions.

Coordinate seamlessly with other emergency services over public safety communications network that give you full situational awareness and faster response time. Our solutions will help you be more efficient and simplify your internal processes, while keeping your budgets under control and pulling the maximum value from your investments and your existing assets.


Know exactly what’s happening. Our public safety LTE solutions make 360° situational awareness possible – regardless of the scene – with robust video and data-centric applications.


Converge your public safety communications to connect multiple agencies to be able to coordinate among first responders in the field easily and efficiently.


We can help you choose and follow the best path to a public safety LTE network that works best for your needs.

Case study: Lower Saxony public safety backhaul network modernization

“We integrate new services ; the availability and security have also been significantly improved further.”
Frank Wernicke and Stefan Wächter, Public Safety Department of Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony, the 2nd largest state in Germany, modernized its PMR network by deploying a full packet backhauling solution. In doing so it improved its network resiliency and prepared it for new video based services.


Case study: City of Dallas IP backhaul

"The sky’s the limit on what we can do with our technologies and services, and that allows us to attract the people and companies."
C.J. Holt, IT manager, Communications and Information Services, City of Dallas, Texas
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Broadband communications for public safety in action
See how public safety communications can give you a broader view of the situation for a sharper response.
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Make your backhauling more responsive
To better support unpredictable boost of traffic linked to emergency or crisis situations, public safety network operators must consider SDN technology which make their backhaul network much more responsive.
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5 business models for public safety LTE
Find your way to the highest level of reliable mobile communications, including cost-effective broadband data services that deliver real-time video, geo-localization, and always-on connectivity.
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Customer Stories

ASTRID Belgium benefits from advanced management solutions

Airbus Defence and Space (formerly Cassidian) successfully performs 4 LTE trials for international public safety organizations

City of Dallas transforms services for 1.2 million residents with IP backhaul network

Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), Austria improves communications for its emergency services

Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organisations (BDBOS), Germany partners with Alcatel-Lucent to operate its digital voice and data communication system for all security authorities and organizations

Maui County Police Department improves efficiency by building the right network

Policia Militar in São Paulo makes the move to LTE

State of Pennsylvania evolves its long-haul network

St. Louis Area Regional Response System spearheads a multi-jurisdictional emergency communications network

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