Single-Carrier 100G and 200G Optics

Reaching Farther, Faster
with 100G and Beyond

The world's 1st single-carrier 200G optical solution

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Stay ahead of your ever-changing needs with the most flexible WDM solution in the market.

The Alcatel-Lucent 100G and beyond single-carrier line card family meets all of your requirements for capacity, reach and scale.

And now, we uniquely provide you 100G and 200G in a single package that is both programmable and rate adaptive. You can double your network capacity at the push of a button — without the upfront cost of buying double the capacity that you require today.

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Reach farther, faster — at speeds of 100G and beyond

The rise of cloud services is pushing the world's networks even farther into the realm of multi-service, multi-technology architectures. Individual networks are now expected to support a diversity of traffic types and applications.

Our 100G solution can help you meet the requirements created by this expanding range of business opportunities:

  • wholesale
  • mobile backhaul
  • IPTV
  • datacenter connectivity
  • enterprise verticals

Our single-carrier 100G/200G transport solution will scale your network immediately to aggregate services onto 100G wavelengths. It will gracefully evolve to 200G in transport capacity. And it will do so without any need for a hardware upgrade.


Our 100G solution is designed to meet your diverse needs. Our solution is:

Agile: Take advantage of a modular, scalable platform backed by a unified management system and a resilient multi-layer control plane.

Scalable: Meet the demand for dynamic services economically with terabit-scale multi-layer switching. Embark on a seamless evolutionary path to 100G transport and beyond.

SDN-Ready: Manage unpredictable traffic dynamics swiftly, with uninterrupted service continuity. Our solution is software configurable. It establishes the underlying framework you'll need to implement SDN in the future. And with SDN, you have the intelligence and agility to support automated, real-time decision-making in response to user needs.

Our 100G and beyond solution is powered by our 400G Photonic Service Engine (PSE), which optimizes current state-of-the-art 100G technology. It provides among the:

  • Farthest transmission reaches in the industry
  • Highest tolerance to fiber impairments
  • And greatest resilience to linear and non-linear effects, in combination with effortless configurability

And our embedded Wavelength Tracker enables complete photonic service management anywhere in the network — without terminating wavelengths.

And our 100G optics solution is more cost-efficient than comparable offers. You can minimize capital expenses, speed time to revenue, and adopt a truly NOC-based approach to lifecycle management. All with more agile service delivery and multi-layer service optimization.


Our software-programmable approach gives you an efficient, cost-effective way to keep pace with skyrocketing bandwidth demand as you move from 100 to 200G.

Our 200G solution:

  • Transmits over distances as great as 4,000 kilometers in 100G using DP-QPSK modulation
  • Transmits as far as 1,000 kilometers in 200G mode with 16-QAM modulation
  • Increases spectral density through Flexgrid channel spacing
  • Enables touchless photonic management across your network with Wavelength Tracker


To keep up with surging broadband traffic volumes, service providers in virtually every market are moving their optical transmission networks to 40G and 100G.

But how long will this be enough?

Protect your network from the prospect of premature fiber exhaustion and avoid investment in costly photonic overlays with our 100G and 200G solution.

The pressure to keep up: broadband growth trends to 2016



Increase in fixed broadband connections worldwide


Increase in carrier Wi-Fi access points



Rise in public cloud service annual revenue


Increase in mobile video subscribers

Source: Consumer Fixed Voice, Internet and Broadband Services, Worldwide, 2009-2016, 4Q12 Update, Gartner, December 2012

Flexible for even the most complex optical network

Our single-carrier 100G family of optical line cards meets the full range of optical transport needs.

Do you want all-photonic transport powered by colorless, directionless, contentionless ROADMs?


Need carrier-grade Ethernet switching, transport and networking with Optical Transport Network (OTN) aggregation?

  We have you covered.

Looking for a robust set of packet switching features and services?

  Yes, we have that too.

Until today, optical scalability has meant costly overbuilds and ongoing investments in space and power. Our solution solves that problem with our 200G-capable 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS). With it, you gain a seamlessly scalable platform for all emerging service applications — from access to core.

The agility of our platform comes partly from the fact that wavelengths do more than just provide bulk transport — they are the foundation of a fully networked photonic infrastructure.


With our single-carrier 200G optical solution, you can deploy 200G wavelengths on your existing photonic lines — whether they are from Alcatel-Lucent or another vendor — right away.

Our 100G/200G muxponder card gives you the ability to turn up 100G on day 1. You can meet immediate demand and, through software, grow your network as traffic dictates without investing in additional hardware.

An award-winning solution

Alcatel-Lucent and BT received a Global Telecom Business Innovation Award for our Flexgrid field trial of 100G and 200G alien wavelengths over BT's existing optical network. Learn more about our successful field trail, which achieved world-record fiber speeds and spectral efficiency.

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