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Optical networking isn't just about pushing traffic anymore. The insatiable demand for mobile, video and cloud-based services is placing enormous pressure on your network — and it's no longer enough to simply increase capacity. What's required is a scalable, versatile and dynamic networking solution that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of your users.

That's why we are embracing Agile Optical Networking. A streamlined optical network
that combines packet, electrical and photonic switching technologies, it makes it easier than ever to connect your customers to the services they crave — and to realize the full potential of your network.

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Break through today's capacity barriers and harness the scalability of tightly integrated networking technologies. Alcatel-Lucent can help you economically meet growing demand for dynamic services with terabit-scale multilayer switching. Embark on a seamless evolutionary path to 100G coherent transport and beyond.

Scalability is a must for optical transport. But until now this has meant costly overbuilds and recurring investments in space and power. The Alcatel-Lucent 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) shifts the paradigm by providing a scalable platform for all emerging service applications from access to core. With the 1830 PSS, you no longer have to over-engineer your network to achieve the scalability you require.

Our innovative Alcatel-Lucent 400G Photonic Service Engine (PSE) supports coherent transport from 40G to 400G. It doubles fiber capacity while reducing power and footprint by more than one-third compared to today's 100G solutions. Multilayer service switching delivers the right mix of packet, electrical and photonic switching where it is needed most in the network so that wavelengths are efficiently used. And optical control-plane intelligence provides service agility with scalability in both network size and across multiple layers.

With Agile Optical Networking, you don't have to react to traffic growth with more equipment, space and power. Instead, you can embrace it with confidence.

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Ensure your optical transport solution is as flexible as your network is complex. Alcatel-Lucent provides a single platform for any application, fiber type and reach — backed by a unified management system and a resilient, multilayer control plane.

Networks have evolved from purpose-built silos into multi-technology, multiservice architectures. Cloud services take this evolution even further, delivering a greater diversity of service requirements over virtualized resources. The Alcatel-Lucent 1830 PSS provides optical transport for any application, fiber type and reach — serving as a single platform for business, wholesale, mobile backhaul, IPTV, datacenter connectivity and enterprise vertical applications.

The foundation of our versatile optical transport solution is a modular, scalable platform that can support unconstrained service grooming at the photonic, electrical and packet layers. The 1830 PSS meets the full range of optical transport needs. Want all-photonic transport powered by colorless, directionless, contentionless ROADMs? Done. Need carrier-grade Ethernet switching, transport and networking with Optical Transport Network (OTN) aggregation, or a robust set of packet switching features and services? We have you covered — backed by a unified management system and a resilient, multilayer control plane.

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Facilitate more agile service delivery and minimize capital expenses with multilayer service optimization. Accelerate time to revenue and reduce operational expenses with true NOC-based lifecycle management — all on a platform that continuously monitors and optimizes network resources.

It used to be that optical networks were designed for relatively static services with long hold times. Today, emerging cloud, mobility and video services are driving designs in the opposite direction, with highly dynamic services and shorter hold times. This puts a premium on the ability to set up, maintain and tear down services quickly — and to easily reconfigure network resources for changing service demands.

Optical network intelligence helps monetize network assets by shortening service delivery times from days to minutes and reducing the operating expenses typically associated with provisioning and maintenance. It also leverages mesh resiliency to meet service reliability objectives with minimal resources. Plus, its full range of switching options ensures services can be delivered efficiently at the most economical layer with continuous monitoring.

Agile Optical Networking at a Glance

Agile Optical Networking figure with 3 pillars of optical transport in the cloud

Agile Optical Networking is made up of three key pillars that together serve as the foundation for a modern optical transport solution purpose-built for the cloud era.

Network Intelligence

For your network to be dynamic and services-oriented, it has to be highly intelligent — with seamlessly integrated planning, commissioning, service turn-up and maintenance. Optical network intelligence enables continuous optimization of your network's self-organization, monitoring and restoration of assets to ensure maximum network efficiency and cost-effectiveness with faster time to revenue.

Read about the benefits of optical network intelligence >


  • Continuous optimization ensuring maximum network efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Services-oriented networking with faster time to revenue
  • More highly available services with fewer resources
  • Simpler operation of NOC-managed network lifecycle
Agile Optical Networking-Network Intelligent Figure

Multilayer Switching

Network applications come in many protocols and sizes, so no single switching layer can address every situation. Multilayer switching provides high-capacity packet, electrical and photonic switching in a single platform, with grooming and aggregation at the most economical layer. Non-blocking switching ensures capacity can scale, resources aren't stranded and new service demands can be met.

Learn how the 1830 PSS supports multilayer switching and services >


  • High capacity packet, OTN and photonic switching in a single platform
  • Grooming at most economical layer based on service parameters
  • Completely non-blocking
Agile Optical Networking-Multimedia Switching Figure

Managed Agile Photonics

Take your photonic network to 100G and beyond. The Alcatel-Lucent 400G PSE delivers peerless 100G, 200G and 400G performance. Our 1830 PSS allows any service to travel over any wavelength in any direction. And our Wavelength Tracker enables complete photonic service management anywhere in the network — without terminating wavelengths.

Discover the power of managed agile photonics >


  • Compelling 100G/200G/400G performance and economic with Photonic Service Engine
  • Any service on any wavelength, in any direction
  • Unique photonic service management via wavelength tracker
Agile Optical Networking-Managed Agile Photonics Figure


Multilayer switching for a converged backbone

Video, mobile broadband and cloud-based services are driving the need for efficient, high-capacity transport. Agile Optical Networking combines coherent transport with coordinated, integrated multilayer switching at the most economical layer — ensuring optimal network resource utilization for a better user experience.  Learn More >

Packet-optimized WDM metro transport

Today's Ethernet-based cloud, mobile and video services demand a packet-optimized metro core that can aggregate traffic efficiently and flexibly. Providing a common model for operations, services and management, Alcatel-Lucent gives you the capacity, flexibility and features to handle unrelenting traffic growth.  Learn More >

Data center interconnectivity

Agile Optical Networking provides more than just a high-capacity link from A to B. It makes your data center a natural extension of your network services by enabling reliable, cost-efficient, latency-optimized transport that can encrypt mission-critical data in transit.  Learn More >

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