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    Capture the market momentum with carrier Wi-Fi

    This e-book examines several key pieces of technology that are required to take carrier Wi-Fi to the next level — where it is central to supporting a ubiquitous, high-quality broadband experience.

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    Elevate your carrier Wi-Fi with customer care

    Many service providers leverage carrier Wi-Fi to differentiate their services from the competition. Take a look at how using our Motive portfolio for customer care can help providers fully capitalize on the carrier Wi-Fi advantage.

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    Cable operators get the edge on capacity & cost

    Network capacity requirements are doubling every two years and cable operators are transforming their network to keep up with demand.

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    Accelerating & scaling carrier Wi-Fi

    Network operators can engage with Wi-Fi to better exploit Wi-Fi economics and service advantages.

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    Carrier Wi-Fi webinar replay

    Learn how carrier Wi-Fi can help operators manage the growth in mobile broadband traffic, while driving service innovation to capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

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    Putting the "carrier" in carrier Wi-Fi

    With the number of Wi-Fi hotspots forecasted to grow 350% by 2015, operators are turning their attention to Wi-Fi technologies for revenue generation and competitive advantage.

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    Ziggo and Alcatel-Lucent team to deliver mobile broadband experience

    With carrier Wi-Fi Ziggo has built the largest and densest Wi-Fi access network in the Netherlands.

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Make Wi-Fi® access easy

Wi-Fi hotspots offer low-cost, high-capacity connections to the Internet, cloud-based applications and storage. But public Wi-Fi access can be complicated. Users face a jumble of hotspots and need to keep track of multiple passwords. Wi-Fi connections often lack security or require additional billing.

With the Alcatel-Lucent carrier Wi-Fi portfolio, connecting is easy. We are applying lightRadio™ innovation to extend high-speed mobile broadband services across both cellular and carrier Wi-Fi networks. Subscribers can access Wi-Fi automatically to stay on their service provider's network; or they can roam between a cellular network and residential, privately- and publicly-owned carrier Wi-Fi networks and hotspots with the complete peace of mind that these connections are secure.

Keep customers on your network

Fixed, cable, and mobile service providers miss out when subscribers access competitors' Wi-Fi networks or public hotspots. They lose opportunities to offer new services and bundle offers. And they no longer control the customer experience to provide the right level of customer care.

With the Alcatel-Lucent carrier Wi-Fi portfolio, users move seamlessly within a service provider's network and enjoy a single, seamless wireless experience. By keeping customers connected, providers increase their opportunities to address customer concerns and offer personalized and bundled services. This helps them attract and retain customers, as well as increase their revenue potential.

Deliver more with carrier Wi-Fi

Subscribers want broader wireless coverage, increased security and affordable roaming fees. Service providers want to find more ways to make money and add capacity and coverage. But they still want to manage costs.

With the Alcatel-Lucent carrier Wi-Fi portfolio, service providers get a new wireless broadband service without the high cost of licensed spectrum. They get increased network coverage and capacity. And they get simpler network introduction by connecting with our Wi-Fi ecosystem of access point vendors. The Alcatel-Lucent carrier Wi-Fi solution opens new revenue channels for retail and wholesale models, and enables service providers to bundle services to make them more attractive.

Accelerate Carrier Wi-Fi Deployment

Alcatel-Lucent Wi-Fi Professional Services provide operators a cost-effective, low-risk carrier Wi-Fi deployment option. We operate as a single trusted partner who can handle all aspects of the multi-party project. We can identify prime hot spots, and help with site acquisition/installation, network integration and validation, and more.

Leveraging Bell Labs innovation and tools, the team provides a full suite of project management services that spans business consulting, network design, integration and OSS/BSS implementation, as well as post-deployment support. We work with customers on all sizes of projects - from large-scale, long-term roll-outs to on-site event day support for special activities.

With Wi-Fi Professional Services, the operator has one Alcatel-Lucent number to call for all support needs.

Wi-Fi Professional Services span all Alcatel-Lucent carrier Wi-Fi components, as well as partner access points, captive portals and OSS/BSS platforms. Services are available independent of network element choices.

Connected Everywhere

Offer customers secure Wi-Fi in homes, offices, communities and public hotspots. Bring a safe, simple and seamless mobile experience to customers wherever they are.

Service providers are searching for cost-effective ways to deliver a more complete and satisfying wireless experience.

Our lightRadio multi-standard femto and metro cells help service providers use integrated Wi-Fi access to increase coverage and capacity across 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks. Service providers can improve their mobile offers and make subscribers happy, all while keeping costs in check.

The Alcatel-Lucent carrier Wi-Fi portfolio can help fixed and cable operators, too. For example, it can enable them to pursue new revenue by offering wholesale Wi-Fi access. Or it can allow them to expand into the wireless market without investing in spectrum or a full wireless infrastructure. By embracing Wi-Fi, operators can offer enhanced bundles that satisfy customers and secure their loyalty.

A Seamless Mobile Experience

To sustain quality of experience, providers need solutions that can seamlessly shift customers between cellular and Wi-Fi. The Alcatel-Lucent carrier Wi-Fi portfolio provides secure and trusted carrier Wi-Fi access - automatically - to the best possible network, ensuring an optimal experience at all times.

By incorporating a WLAN Gateway, the 7750 Service Router (SR) builds on capabilities that have made it an industry-leading IP service edge platform.

  • Provide seamless access, authentication and subscriber management
  • Easily integrate between Carrier Wi-Fi hotspots and network and operational infrastructures
  • Support exponential growth with increased scale and capacity
  • Manage QoS for individual service packages

The 5780 Dynamic Services Controller (DSC) now includes the Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF). Its Wi-Fi Control Module uses defined parameters to make intelligent and dynamic decisions on Wi-Fi handover - connecting users to the best possible network based on flexible criteria.

  • Control and manage carrier Wi-Fi access to complement existing 3G, 4G and wireline access
  • Drive new revenue by using carrier Wi-Fi access control policies to develop value-added service coverage and manage Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Policy empowered application aware mobile access to maximize network ROI and user experience

Ecosystem Simplifies Wi-Fi Introduction

We continue to expand our ecosystem program with Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) industry leaders to ensure easy operator deployment and an interoperable end-to-end solution.

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