CloudBand 3.0:
The production platform
for NFV

Launch network functions virtualization (NFV) applications efficiently and reliably with CloudBand™ 3.0.

CloudBand is the first-to-market carrier grade NFV management and orchestration (MANO) platform purpose-built for service providers. It offers high availability service deployment and assurance capabilities that let you move NFV into production on any scale. With CloudBand, you can start first NFV application deployments today or deploy and grow to a full NFV network when the time is right for you.

Service providers throughout the world rely on CloudBand to simplify operations, increase cost efficiency, and unlock new cloud revenue.

Move your business forward by using CloudBand as the foundation for your commercial NFV installation.

Realize the promise of NFV with CloudBand

Unlock new revenue streams by rapidly launching and scaling compelling services that stand out from competing offers.

Simplify your operations with an automated operating model that cuts out manual processes and streamlines planning, deployment, provisioning, and application lifecycle management processes.

Boost your cost efficiency with an NFV platform that reduces hardware and software requirements and optimizes asset utilization.

Benefit from an NFV platform purpose-built for service providers

CloudBand gives you a head start on adopting operating models made possible by NFV. Its capabilities are optimized for NFV applications, which draw on cloud and information technologies. With CloudBand, you can deliver the carrier-grade cloud services your customers demand.

Here’s what you get when you deploy CloudBand:

Carrier-grade operations

Automated orchestration
CloudBand lets you remove complexity by automating the NFV infrastructure and application lifecycles.

Service assurance
CloudBand assures the service experience with a high-availability, end-to-end solution and tools that accelerate fault isolation.

A pre-integrated solution
CloudBand combines open-source software with critical NFV components. Our carefully integrated and tested solutions are ready for deployment within weeks – or even days.

NFV readiness

A network-aware cloud
With CloudBand, you can leverage the power of the network by tying traditional and virtualized carrier applications into a resilient and dynamic software-defined network.

An NFV infrastructure is always physically mapped to your network geography. With CloudBand, you get an NFV platform designed from the start to manage and automate geo-distributed NFV points of presence.

Field-proven openness
CloudBand lets you use applications and hardware from any vendor. It also lets you leverage the momentum of open-source communities, such as OpenStack®. Proven in projects around the world, this openness allows our service provider customers to break vendor silos. It can do the same for you.

Solution components

CloudBand Node

Our CloudBand Node manages, automates, and monitors the compute, storage, and network resources for NFV applications. It is made up of a pre-designed, pre-integrated software stack arranged according to a high availability architectural blueprint.

Our node uses operating models pioneered by Internet companies to accelerate deployment and reduce total cost of ownership. It can be automatically installed in a central office or data center in less than 4 hours.

We have pre-integrated the CloudBand Node with selected server and switching hardware as well as the Nuage Networks™ Virtualized Services Platform SDN solution from Alcatel-Lucent. This creates ready-to-use node types. And, with our blueprinting service we develop custom node types to fit your specific requirements.

CloudBand Management System

Our CloudBand Management System orchestrates, automates, and optimizes virtual network functions across distributed network and data centers. It aggregates distributed cloud nodes and gives you a single, unified view of your entire NFV infrastructure.

With the CloudBand Insights module, you get extensive data and analytics capabilities about NFV resources. This module understands the relationship between NFV applications and infrastructure and helps to quickly determine the root cause of failures.

CloudBand Application Lifecycle Management helps you to automate deployment, scaling, healing, and maintenance of virtual network applications. In addition, CloudBand provides lifecycle enablement services for applications that bring their own virtualized network function managers.


“Of the major telecom vendors, Alcatel-Lucent has embraced the idea of network functions virtualization and its implementation most enthusiastically. The company’s positioning around the virtual telecom network concept has been some way ahead of the competition. Its CloudBand orchestration and management platform probably leads the industry in terms of maturity and mindshare.” Gabriel Brown, Heavy Reading

“Alcatel-Lucent is successfully differentiating its CloudBand solution from competitors and achieving an authoritative industry position. Apart from the customary NFV platform and MANO dimensions, the company has added a strong virtual networking dimension to its offering by integrating Nuage’s SDN assets. Alongside, for example, research work with Fujitsu and NTT into NFV advanced server architectures, Alcatel-Lucent is maneuvering itself into a position of thought leadership in almost every aspect of the carrier telco cloud.” David Snow, Current Analysis

“Alcatel-Lucent has a comprehensive multi-faceted strategy to facilitate CSPs’ transition to NFV/SDN.” Glen Ragoonanan, Analysys Mason

“Forming partnerships to develop NFV use cases is a requirement of the service providers, but initiating an ecosystem of partners across suppliers and developers is a powerful way to accelerate the eventual adoption of NFV. Alcatel-Lucent stands out as the only supplier taking the initiative to drive forward such an ecosystem. This leadership will help the industry realize the benefits of NFV that much faster.” Michael Sullivan-Trainor, TBR

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