Customer Experience


Customer Experience

Make it easy for your customers to get the most out of technology

What if you could automate care, service, network and IT operations with unparalleled data analysis? And the customer experience management (CEM) tools you relied on every day were built from a deep and thorough knowledge of today's complex network environment?


Then you could deliver an exceptional customer experience because you'd have expanded insight into your customers and a highly efficient operating environment. All that, along with faster, simpler ways to communicate and collaborate across departments.

That's what you get by working with a team of Alcatel-Lucent experts and our Motive® CEM solutions.

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And here's the result. You provide excellent customer care and make it easy for your customers to get the most out of their technology — all the services, devices, and applications they count on day and night. While you streamline your business, cut costs, and protect your network more effectively.

How can Alcatel-Lucent make things easy for you?

Here's how you can redefine the customer experience with solutions from our Motive CEM portfolio. We help you...

Automate fulfillment and assurance for your mobile, fixed, and cloud services.

Increase network intelligence, efficiency, boost operating agility, and cut costs across your network and service operations with Motive Dynamic Operations. Use our CEM solutions to automate the services lifecycle across vendors, network technologies, and virtual endpoints. Then link customer care and network operations more closely. And you can make full use of cloud capabilities by launching services based on network functions virtualization and software-defined networking.

Satisfy your customers' needs easily, before and after issues occur.

Get the CEM tools you need to easily enhance your customers' experience, speed problem resolution and cut costs. You can empower your customer care agents with end-to-end visibility across devices, apps, networks, and back-office systems. And use automated, analytics-based processes to avoid issues before they affect your customers.

Address critical customer experience gaps.

Translate your objectives into a clear, measurable business plan and prioritize the most impactful strategies. And ensure that your future services deliver a consistent and competitive experience.

Reduce operational complexity where IT, customer care, and your network intersect.

Provision and activate services faster with our open fulfillment architecture and abstraction engine, which work across network and IT environments. And you get early insights into potential problems so you can resolve them proactively, see fewer bottlenecks, and improve your quality of service and the customer experience.

Get insight through analytics so you can improve network intelligence, planning and operations and respond faster to customer needs.

Real-time, granular information helps you optimize network efficiency, manage peak demand, reduce costs, pinpoint the source of problems, and successfully introduce new services and technologies.

Enrich your value propositions with insights into usage and malware trends.

You can provide targeted, contextual and relevant offers to the market segments you choose — including a value-added security service that goes beyond traditional malware detection methods. Its patented approach helps protect your network and the customers' experience while generating new revenue.

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Case studies

Featured: Japan's Wireless City Planning

The network deployment arm of mobile operator SoftBank used Motive Wireless Network Guardian to generate network intelligence that increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn. Read the case study

Use our network knowledge to improve performance

Get the CEM expertise you need to overcome the challenges of complexity and the fast-paced change of technology.

Our team knows the whole network end to end — from cloud, mobile, and fixed networks to devices, services, and applications. And we incorporate this knowledge into our CEM software, which is purpose-built for these network environments. We make it easier for you to take care of complex technology with a more self-managing, self-correcting, and self-tuning operation than you've ever had before.

We can also work together to achieve specific CEM goals to optimize and automate your business and network operations.

Today, there are more than 600 Motive CEM solution deployments worldwide where we are helping to redefine the customer experience. Check out our case studies to see our work in action.