Motive Device Management


Motive Device Management

Make device management easy

Onboard, activate, and manage connected devices easily with Motive® Device Management from Alcatel-Lucent.

Our software-based solution removes complexity by unifying and standardizing your mobile and fixed device management operations. This consolidated approach lets you lower operating costs, resolve problems faster, and deliver a more satisfying experience to every customer.

Partner with Alcatel-Lucent, the world’s #1 provider of device management solutions

Benefit from Alcatel-Lucent’s unmatched network and device expertise. We are the world’s #1 provider of device provisioning and management solutions. We have 15 years of industry experience and manage more than 200 million devices worldwide. Our proven products and practices can help you succeed with any type of connected device.

Get the industry's most complete device management toolkit

Motive Device Management gives you a full set of auto configuration server features out of the box, including:

  • Remote device provisioning, activation, and management
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrades
  • Automated device configuration
  • Support for TR-069 and non-TR-069 devices
  • A full interoperability testing program

Motive Device Management is a component of our Motive Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform. The platform lets you apply our proven CEM products and expertise to every facet of your operations.

Manage every connected device

Motive Device Management combines several of our industry-leading device management products. Their combined capabilities can help you onboard and manage a broader range of devices, from small cells and home networking equipment to smartphones and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices. You can also manage devices that support enterprise voice and data services.

Small cells

The Motive Small Cell Management and Support solution brings intelligence to device management with advanced features that allow service providers to remotely provision, configure, update, manage, troubleshoot and optimize small cells in both residential and enterprise markets. Using Motive Small Cell Care and Provisioning, providers can improve the subscriber experience and quality of service, while reducing customer care and deployment costs

In-home devices

Reduce OPEX and churn and simplify customer interactions by extending customer care into the connected home. Our auto configuration server, Motive Home Device Manager can empower your help desk to control and manage home network equipment from any vendor. MotiveHome Device Manager also has the ability to remotely manage non-TR-069 devices connected to a TR-069 home network.

Mobile devices

Deliver the simple and trouble-free mobile device experience that every customer wants. Our Motive Mobile Device Manager helps you provision, configure, update, and repair any mobile device. The mobile device management offers flexible deployment models and an Internet of Things framework that lets you extend management use cases to devices and operating systems from multiple vendors.

Machine-to-Machine devices

Manage millions of devices cost effectively while delivering a richer M2M experience with machine to machine service management. Our Motive M2M Service Management supports remote M2M device provisioning, configuration, firmware updates, and troubleshooting. It combines service delivery automation with standardized functions to help you reach more devices and verticals, deliver more value to customers, and secure a stronger role in the M2M market.

Enterprise Services

Remove cost and complexity from enterprise service management with IMS-specific use cases and workflows. Automate the configuration of endpoints that support IMS voice and data services with our Motive Enterprise Service Management. Its comprehensive provisioning, activation, management and firmware update functions help you spur device adoption and bring more value to your enterprise customers.

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