Integrated DDoS Protection

Alcatel-Lucent and Arbor Networks have come together to integrate Arbor’s Threat Management System (TMS) software into Alcatel-Lucent’s carrier-class 7750 Service Router. Service providers can now embed the new DDoS cleaning product, MS-ISA Threat Management System, directly within their networks to defend their private and public cloud/network infrastructure against the escalating scale and frequency of DDoS attacks while cutting costs. The solution also provides operators with the ability to meet the accelerating demand for cloud-based DDoS protection services from their VPN, business internet and hosting customers.

Solution components are:


Distributed service model that enables low cost filtering of attack traffic

  • Reduced backhaul expenses - MS-ISA TMS blades surgically remove DDoS attack traffic at the 7750 SR network edge, eliminating the need to backhaul traffic to centralized sites
  • Increased scalability and operational simplicity – Router integration of DDoS scrubbing enables greater scalability and reliability without the complexity associated with overlay solutions
  • Reduction in operational expenses – flexible solution that keeps up with the increasing scale and sophistication of DDoS attacks

Generates new revenue streams from existing network services by bringing operators closer to their enterprise customers

  • Enables new or enhanced services that address enterprise IT trends and challenges
  • Drive new revenues from commoditized VPN and business internet services
  • Deployment flexibility allows operators to engage the largely untapped small to medium sized business opportunity
  • Accelerated adoption of new cloud based services

Protection against DDoS attacks and other threats

  • Protect services and associated infrastructure from a wide range of threats including TCP stack / generic flood attacks, fragmentation attacks, application-layer attacks, vulnerability exploit attacks and malware pipes
  • Operators can use MS-ISA TMS at the peering edge and other locations to protect their Internet Data Centers, Residential and High Speed IPTV Infrastructure and Mobile / Wireless Infrastructure

customer satisfaction

  • Outbound attacks originating from an operators domain can tarnish their reputation, TMS can identify and block outbound attacks before they become a problem
  • Reduced risk of customer portal or business process disruptions
  • Optimized content filtering at the network level which reduces the processing burden at the enterprise level