IP Video

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

Deliver an exceptional multiscreen video experience with Alcatel‐Lucent IP Video.

Our IP Video innovations let you build a scalable video platform that leverages the latest cloud and IP technologies. These technologies will help you generate new revenue, reduce costs, and meet expectations for outstanding digital media delivery.

With IP Video, you can create a powerful distribution channel for your content partners – and exciting new opportunities for your business.


Making the business case for cloud DVR

Get Heavy Reading’s practical guide to launching a cloud DVR service, including a case study on Telefónica.

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Stretching the CDN

How do you dimension a content delivery network so that it can support daily traffic and stretch to meet peaks in demand?

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CDN extends IPTV in Mexico

Our Velocix CDN is enabling Totalplay to expand its triple-play offering with next-generation video services.

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Unprecedented flexibility in video storage and delivery

We are boosting the performance of cloud-based storage and content delivery with our enhanced Cloud DVR and new Elastic CDN.

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What do we mean by IP video?

IP video is our vision for multiscreen video delivery over a unified IP infrastructure. With IP video, you host advanced TV services in the cloud and stream content to consumer-owned devices.

We’re advancing this vision with innovations that help you migrate smoothly to IP video and realize the full potential of cloud TV.

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More agility, more flexibility, lower cost

With our IP Video innovations, your subscribers can consume their own mix of video content from pay TV and online sources.

Powerful video networks

Deliver massive scalability and service-layer flexibility with IP distribution and cloud-based services.

Enhanced video experiences

Offer personalized video experiences that can be enjoyed seamlessly on any screen.

Open to new opportunities

Develop creative new ways to generate revenue and realize the full potential of your network.

Innovation is what we do

Our products and solutions draw on our Bell Labs innovations and proven expertise in IP and video network transformation. We have earned multiple awards for our service provider content delivery network (CDN) and Cloud DVR. And we are market leaders in both domains.

We are open to continuous innovation from industry-leading partners. Our partnerships help us build best-of-breed IP video platforms that work the way you need them to.

In the words of our customers

Get full value from IP video

IP technologies are changing the way subscribers discover, consume, and interact with their favorite shows. These technologies give you new opportunities to capitalize on HTTP adaptive streaming and the widespread availability of Internet-enabled consumer electronics.

What will television platforms look like in 5 or 10 years? New trends will create opportunities to deliver a great user experience – and do it in an economical way. You can seize these opportunities with IP video.

Discover our vision for IP video


The set-top box fades away. Consumers will use their own connected devices – including connected TVs, game consoles, tablets, and smartphones – and get their video content from the cloud.

All traffic is unicast. Device fragmentation, on-demand content, and personalization will continue to drive up unicast traffic. The network must deliver this traffic efficiently and intelligently.

The back end is cloud based. Back-office systems will move away from vertically integrated proprietary middleware stacks. They will run on a cloud-based.

How to capitalize

Move intelligence back into the network to lower cost and complexity in the home.

Optimize and virtualize the network to improve video quality of experience while significantly reducing streaming costs.

Build best-of-breed modular solutions through systems integration so you can react faster to changing market requirements.

Build IP video solutions that address your needs

Cloud DVR

Bring time-shifted TV services to subscribers on any screen, anywhere. Our Emmy® Award-winning Cloud DVR combines open, high-density storage with a flexible architecture. It lets you scale storage to support large libraries and maintain compliance with copyright laws. Service providers such as Telefónica and Liberty Global use Cloud DVR to create successful replay and recording services.

Velocix Transparent Cache

Minimize the cost of carrying Internet traffic by caching content from popular websites. Our Velocix Transparent Cache lets you cache and deliver content without having to sign commercial agreements with content owners. It reduces transport and transit expenses by an average of 45%.

Video Services Appliance

Enhance the video experience for popular live channels delivered over multicast. Our Video Services Appliance brings channel change times below 700 ms and eliminates video and audio distortion caused by packet loss.

Velocix CDN

Reduce transport costs and deliver better live and on-demand video experiences to every connected device. Our Velocix CDN lets you cache content at the network edge and use the network’s intelligence to enhance service personalization, scale, and efficiency. It’s the trusted choice of 20+ service providers, including Time Warner Cable, Liberty Global, Telus and Oi.

Systems integration

Get the support you need to migrate to a fast, flexible, and cost-effective IP video platform. Our IP video systems integration services ease your transition to IP platforms that bring advanced video and TV services to more subscribers, devices, and locations.

We’re with you at every step, from design through integration and deployment. You control the pace and scope of migration. Our support helps you maintain business continuity as you introduce new cloud and web-based software into your cable or IPTV infrastructure.

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