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IP Video lets you deliver an exceptional multiscreen video experience to customers. It's a powerful distribution channel for your content partners — and a game changer for your business. With Alcatel-Lucent IP Video innovations, you can build a massively scalable IP Video platform that leverages the latest cloud-based services and IP delivery technologies. Now you can meet subscriber and rights holder expectations for outstanding digital media delivery with a solution that is as bold, bright and beautiful as video entertainment is itself.

  • Unprecedented flexibility in video storage and delivery

    We are boosting the performance of cloud-based storage and content delivery with our enhanced Cloud DVR and new Elastic CDN.

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  • CDN extends IPTV in Mexico

    Our Velocix Content Delivery Network expands Totalplay’s triple-play offering with next-generation video services.

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  • White Paper: Making the Business Case for Cloud DVR

    Practical guideline from Heavy Reading for launching a Cloud DVR service. Includes a Telefónica case study.

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  • Content delivery network supports premium services

    Our Velocix Content Delivery Network enables new services for Italy's Wind Telecomunicazioni including streaming and on-demand video.

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  • IPTV enables next-generation TV service

    Windstream uses our IPTV delivery solutions and integration expertise to offer an innovative viewing experience in the home.

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  • Telefonica strategy to become a video company

    Roberto Jose Porras Menendez explains how the launch of innovative services enables Telefonica in Spain to double their IPTV subscribers in less than a year.

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  • IP video: a whirlwind of innovation

    Before the iPhone, the world of TV was relatively simple. Now, with video-enabled, IP-connected devices flooding the market, the world of IP video is constantly evolving.

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  • Sunny Skies for Cloud DVR?

    Listen to a replay of the Light Reading webinar exploring how cloud DVR technology can be used to help operators deliver advanced TV services and retain subscribers.

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  • Are you ready for network DVR?

    When copyright laws are restrictive - only allowing storage of private copies for network DVR— content providers and consumers loose out.

    Discover our new architecture to push your network DVR into prime time
  • Cloud DVR comes of age

    Our Cloud DVR solution has hit a milestone - 30 petabytes of storage capacity installed.

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  • Cloud DVR keeps your TV from wasting space

    Cloud DVR reduces storage needs by sharing storage space among multiple subscribers while enhancing the digital content viewing experience.

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  • The Velocix CDN goes Virtual

    Alcatel-Lucent enhances and virtualizes content delivery to cope with the explosion of IP video traffic.

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  • A million happy customers with Telefónica Movistar

    Our IP Video solutions have enabled a new cloud-based TV feature for Telefónica's pay TV service, Movistar TV.

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  • Cloud DVR wins at Connected TV Awards

    We received the 'Multiscreen Goes Mainstream Award' for our Cloud DVR solution at the 2014 Videonet Connected TV World Summit in London.

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  • Leading the way with IPTV

    Alcatel-Lucent is powering up northeastern Oklahoma with its end-to-end triple play solution, bringing 1 Gigabit ultra-broadband connectivity.

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  • Future Vision for IP Video

    The pay TV market has entered an era of unprecedented change. Pay TV operators need to evolve their network to survive and thrive in this new television landscape.

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  • Addressing the multiscreen challenge with DLNA CVP-2

    The DLNA organization published guidelines for its CVP-2. Discover how pay TV operators can benefit from CVP-2 to launch multiscreen services quicker on many devices.

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  • The future of IP Video: From Pay TV to Cloud TV

    Cloud DVR, DLNA CVP2 and Content Delivery Networks: key technologies that pay TV providers need to embrace to migrate smoothly to IP video and realize the potential of cloud TV.

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  • Cloud DVR: Don't go Wrong on Content Rights

    Service providers should select network DVR technology with the flexibility to manage and overcome copyright restrictions by supporting private-copy and shared-copy models.

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  • London under the Clouds of DVR

    Roland Mestric, Director of Video Solutions Marketing, reflects on the poor performance of his set-top box after returning from TV Connect.

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  • Think DVR out of the box

    Alcatel-Lucent Cloud DVR lets you deliver a range of time-shifted TV and network DVR services that enhance your subscribers' viewing experience while reducing costs and increasing revenue opportunities.

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  • Alcatel-Lucent wins TV Connect Industry Award

    Our Cloud DVR wins in "Best Cloud or CDN Service Delivery" category.

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  • Alcatel-Lucent on top of the CDN world!

    A new market report from analyst firm SNL Kagan MRG shows Alcatel-Lucent is leading the way in the CDN equipment market.

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  • Clear skies ahead for cloud DVR

    Service providers, subscribers, advertisers and content owners alike benefit from the flexibility and efficiency of cloud DVR technology.

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  • Emmy® Award for network DVR

    At the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences honored Alcatel-Lucent with an Engineering Emmy® for its "pioneering work in the implementation and deployment of network DVR".

    Learn more about the award and the technology.
  • What the golden age of television means for delivery networks

    Paul Larbey, President of Alcatel-Lucent's Video Business Unit discusses the rise in popularity of content and the implications it has on its networks.

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  • The cloud delivers premium TV on more devices, faster

    DLNA CVP2 specification enables cable and IPTV operators to extend cloud-based streaming TV services to multiple devices creating a simpler connected home.

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  • Preparing for unicast flood

    Hear from some of our customers - Swisscom, Telus and Time Warner Cable — explain how they are scaling their network to face the growing consumption of video on IP devices, on demand.

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  • Is the end really nigh for the set-top box?

    Life is full of contradictions. Take the set-top box. Analysts give it a healthy future, while carriers declare their move to a post-STB world. So which is it?

    Join the STB debate
  • Device and content prioritization among next steps for CDN

    John Moulding from Videonet captures some key areas of innovation for on-net CDN.

    Find out more about these innovations in his article.


IP Video is our vision of all-screen video delivery over a unified IP video infrastructure, where advanced TV services are hosted in the cloud and streamed to consumer-owned devices.

What will television platforms look like in five or ten years?
At Alcatel-Lucent, we predict the following trends:

  • The traditional set-top box (STB) will disappear
  • Traffic will be all unicast
  • Services will be deployed in the cloud

IP Video encompasses the full sweep of innovations we're bringing to market to help you migrate smoothly to IP video and realize the full potential of cloud TV.

To make this available now, explore the vision.




With Alcatel-Lucent IP Video innovations, your subscribers can quickly navigate their own mix of video content from pay TV and online sources.


Delivering massive scalability and service-layer flexibility with powerful IP video platforms thanks to IP distribution, cloud-based services and continuous optimization that drives out costs.


Allowing you to rapidly evolve from offering multiscreen video experiences that equal a set-top box to personalized, social experiences that can be enjoyed seamlessly on primary, companion and mobile screens.


Providing a rich path forward as you discover new ways of driving revenue and realizing the full potential of your IP video network.

Innovation is what we do

It starts with the Alcatel-Lucent innovation powerhouse Bell Labs and extends across IP and video network transformation. We're the market leader in service provider content delivery network (CDN) deployments.

Our integration of CDNs with session management is an industry first. Our solutions are open to continuous innovation from industry-leading partners — and we integrate key modules to ensure everything works the way you need it to. That's why leading cable, wireline and mobile providers are realizing their potential with Alcatel-Lucent IP Video innovations.


IP innovations are helping users change the ways they discover, consume and interact with their favorite shows. As a service provider, these innovations are opening up new opportunities for you to exploit the advances in HTTP adaptive streaming technology and the widespread availability of Internet-enabled consumer electronics.

Figure showing IP video Platform Design and Integration Services

Gain a video platform with the power to deliver

Unify your distribution network to stream live, time-shifted, DVR and on-demand video to every screen with the security and functionality of a set-top box — minus the set-top box. Use per-session content and manifest manipulation to enable a new generation of personalized services with optimized delivery performance and costs. Select best-of-breed modules that give your back office the additional tools it needs to migrate and offer advanced IP video services to more subscribers, devices and locations.

Ensure a high-quality video experience on any screen

Give your customers a consistent user experience on every screen, with real-time knowledge of network conditions helping ensure an optimal quality of experience for users sharing bandwidth. Our solutions allow you to provide live streams without buffering delays, offer time-shifted and DVR functionality from the cloud, and store massive back catalogs online. You can also let users discover, share and interact with social networks and the programs they love with synchronized content and applications on the companion screen. Plus, help your customers control costs by specifying how they prefer to handle video quality on specific devices at times when usage is metered.

Personalize — and monetize — your video offering

Keep pace with the evolving needs of consumers, rights holders and advertisers with a platform that's open to rapid innovations in software. Create personalized services — and deliver them economically, while leveraging IP usage data and analytics to improve your decisions to invest in content, advertising and service bundles. You can also reduce churn and boost consumption with bundles and special, limited-time promotions.


Our IP Video portfolio keeps you at the heart of the IP Video value chain. The Velocix CDN, EVE and Transparent Cache products are deployed in the core video network, leveraging its intelligence to deliver enhanced service personalization, scale and efficiency. Our Cloud DVR uses the network to remove cost and complexity from the home and allow access to time-shifted TV services on any device. The Alcatel-Lucent IP Video Platform provides a staged migration that brings flexibility and innovation to your back office systems so they deliver the seamless, social and personal experience users crave across all their screens and video services.

Our experience with IP transformation, video systems integration and knowledge transfer solutions means you can migrate to the right platform for your business.

Velocix CDN

Designed to stream video content to IP-connected devices from within the service provider's core video network and in agreement with content providers, our Velocix CDN is a proven, full-featured content delivery network. It combines intelligent caching with flawless content protection mechanisms — wrapping both in sophisticated management and reporting tools, such as geo-blocking, multi-tenancy and analytics. Our Build-Operate-Transfer service can help you bridge operations until you're ready to build and staff your own NOC.

Velocix EVE

The Velocix Enhanced Video Experience (EVE) is the first integrated solution to transform your content delivery network with leap-ahead service personalization, scalability and cost savings. With session management, recording and deep content and manifest manipulation, Velocix EVE generates individual streams to support a new generation of advanced services that are adaptable in real-time and based on network conditions, contextual data and preferences. Deployed alongside the Velocix CDN, Velocix EVE helps create powerful and unique service offerings not easily replicated by traditional CDN overlays.

Velocix Transparent Caching

The 7810 Velocix Transparent Cache minimizes the cost of carrying Internet traffic. Transport and transit expenses can be reduced by 45 percent by caching content from popular websites, without requiring commercial agreements with content owners. A carrier-grade solution designed with maximum caching efficiency, it provides flexible deployment configurations and detailed analytics that allow service providers to adapt to any requirement and make appropriate business decisions.

Cloud DVR

Our Cloud DVR is a network-based solution that gives consumers the ability to record linear and live programs "in the cloud" for later viewing on any screen, anywhere. Its flexible architecture supports optimized configurations for shared and single-copy storage as may be required by law. The Cloud DVR solution supports HTTP delivery to connected devices and RTSP delivery to legacy STBs.


We will design, integrate and deploy the right IP Video Platform for your business to help you create, manage, monetize and deliver advanced video and pay TV services to more subscribers, devices and locations. We give you control over the pace and scope of migration, ensuring business continuity as you introduce new IP components from an expanding ecosystem of cloud and web-based software into your cable or IPTV infrastructures. With a complete portfolio of IP Video systems integration services, we're there every step of the way as you transition your services and architecture to a lower-cost, faster and more flexible all-IP Video platform.

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