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Knowledge is power. You have that power. As an operator you own the network, which contains a treasure trove of network intelligence for those who know how to analyze it.
We know how.

Solutions enabled by our big network analytics approach can help you extract and capture network intelligence and combine it with key customer data. Our approach improves your strategic decision-making, operational efficiency, and customer experience, and it increases your revenue potential.

Tap into valuable mobile ultra-broadband data, and you can roll out the networks and services with optimal efficiency. Redefine the customer experience. And be first to take advantage of new business opportunities with network intelligence.

Motive Big Network Factoid Bubble
Motive Big Network Factoid Bubble
Motive Big Network Factoid Bubble
Motive Big Network Factoid Bubble

How to get crucial answers: The big network analytics approach

You need to make sense of the data your network provides. But "big data" isn't the answer. Why? Because analytics is more than a database problem. It's a problem of understanding that data. And to solve that problem, you need the right network analytics solution, and access to networking experts who can extract the intelligence from your most important asset: the network.

Your own network contains data that no one else has access to. Yet conventional approaches to mine that data often work in silos. They lack the context needed to turn that information into actionable network intelligence.

So that's where we start. We provide the real-time network intelligence you need using our proven, network analytics approach, which we call m.IQ6..

Then, we incorporate operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) and customer data — strategically and incrementally — into a big data infrastructure. We call this big network analytics.

At the heart of our approach is the Motive Big Network Analytics (BNA) engine from Alcatel-Lucent. It enables network intelligence solutions that work off the shelf, so you benefit right away. And our Motive forensic services team — experienced data analysts with years of networking experience — can work directly with you to help customize your use of network analytics for maximum results.

Operations, planning, engineering, customer care, customer experience, and marketing teams — BNA can provide each with the specific insights they need.

And BNA is not just for reporting: actionable real-time network intelligence can also be fed to other solutions you use in your network. With BNA's field-proven, integrated approach, you gain immediate value from your network while complementing your big data strategy with refined network intelligence.

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Motive Big Networks Analytics augments network data with relevant OSS/BSS data and provides you with actionable intelligence.

The network knows...

Make your network more reliable and profitable with the intelligence you gain from BNA. It can help you plan your network, build it out, operate it, and improve it.

Read the network infrastructure and operations improvements solution sheet.

Read the selective traffic optimization solution sheet.

Insights from the network can also help you improve the customer experience.

Your network knows your subscribers, the devices and apps they use, and the quality of service delivered to them. With BNA, your network can give you the information you need for agent and self-care excellence.

And with this level of network intelligence and forensic service expertise you can detect potential problems early and solve them proactively — before they impact customer satisfaction.

Discover opportunities for launching new services through customer-focused network intelligence that meet unaddressed subscriber needs. Learn how customers want to be engaged. And find out which areas could be most profitable for new offerings.

With these insights from the network, you'll innovate more and capitalize on your innovations sooner.

Read the service creation solution sheet.

Real-world use cases

Don't take our word for it. See how service providers from around the globe have benefitted from BNA.
View the full Infographic

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Analytic Beat

The foundation of our big network analytics approach

Motive Security Guardian

Leverage analytics for network-based malware detection. With 30 million samples of network traffic and 30,000 detection rules in its arsenal, Motive Security Guardian gives you the foundation to offer a unique, value-added network analytics security service to your subscribers that only service providers can offer.

With Security Guardian and the network intelligence is offers, you can discover new revenue, differentiate your offer, decrease malicious traffic in the network, and reduce security-related calls to customer care.

Motive Wireless Network Guardian

The primary source of network data and analytics for BNA is our Motive Wireless Network Guardian. WNG taps both user and control planes to offer a real-time, contextual understanding of interactions among 6 critical dimensions: signaling, flows, applications, devices, users and network. This is what we call mobile intelligence6, or m.IQ6.

WNG offers more than 7,000 off-the-shelf mobile analytics reports. And it provides the information our forensic services team needs to deliver more than 700 custom reports to mobile providers around the world. You can then use that network intelligence to drive real-time optimization solutions, such as intelligent traffic management.

Motive Big Network Analytics

This product takes advantage of the network intelligence provided by our Security Guardian and our Wireless Network Guardian. And it uses a big-data infrastructure to incrementally add data from IT, OSS and BSS. It then makes that information available to customer-facing teams including operations, engineering, planning, customer care, and marketing.

BNA is part of Motive's approach to redefining the customer experience by providing insight through network and data analytics so you can improve network planning and operations and respond faster to customer needs.

BNA is also integrated with our Smart Plan solution. And that means faster problem resolution, and the ability to make personalized offers to subscribers.

Motive Big Networks Architecture

The big network analytics approach - solution architecture

Customers and analysts speak out

"Motive Big Network Analytics from Alcatel-Lucent is a compelling solution. Coining a new term, big network analytics (BNA) provides distinctive positioning and credibility with network-side carrier staff. Building on the well-respected Wireless Network Guardian for RAN intelligence and Motive Security Guardian for device analytics, the new BNA provides a rich carrier data analytics capability with a minimum of IT-side involvement, easing integration issues."

David Snow, Current Analysis

"Big data analytics, applied to the communications industry, offers significant business challenge. Traditional intelligence processes, which usually involve weeks of analysis, may be acceptable for certain functions, but not to gain short-order insight as to which value-based service offers can improve the customer experience. That takes real-time focus on a variety of data sources, especially those from the network, to deliver the right insight at the right time. Alcatel-Lucent is one company that is well positioned to deliver the intelligence that operators require in order to provide reliable services, add new revenue streams, and increase customer value."

Karl Whitelock, Director Global OSS BSS Strategy, Stratecast  Frost & Sullivan

"As our subscribers' appetite for mobile broadband grows rapidly, Alcatel-Lucent is providing us with the network intelligence we need to continue to meet that demand with the quality that they expect, both now and in the future."

Yoshioki Chika, CTO, Wireless City Planning, Japan

"GLOBUL is committed to providing a secure and reliable connection over our high-speed wireless network. And the Alcatel-Lucent Wireless Network Guardian will help us to do this, improving our customers' experience and better preparing us to face the challenges of the future."

Apostolos Pagkoutsos, CTO, GLOBUL, Bulgaria

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