Rapport Service Innovation

Alcatel-Lucent Rapport Service Innovation provides a major breakthrough that transforms your IP communication network into a platform for rapid service innovation with new contextual communications. With Rapport Service Innovation you can add voice, video, chat, and share features contextually to applications, websites and connected objects, providing a richer more engaging experience. Rapport Service Innovation includes industry-leading rich and easy to use APIs and SDKs exposed from our software based Rapport Application Servers and Border Controller. Rapport APIs include WebRTC client APIs and SDKs to build communications into devices, web site or objects and Network APIs, to enable communications into applications. They give internal, strategic partners and long-tail developers ready-access to communications and collaboration features built into carriers’ fixed, mobile or cable networks.

With Rapport Service Innovation, communications and collaboration evolve from standalone services to a set of sharable features that will be embedded into any device, mobile application, connected object or web site, delivering new innovative contextual communications.

And it’s not only about APIs and SDKs. Rapport Service Innovation also provides a Web Developers Portal  and Sandbox that will help you:

  • Grow your ecosystem and new business models to flourish with apps developers specialized in vertical markets,
  • Get started quickly with our strategic partners and access to our Sandbox.


Benefits for service providers

  • Accelerate innovation: Deliver new applications faster by reducing time to market from years to weeks
  • Differentiate: Attract web developers to help you to create unique and differentiating services for consumer, business and vertical industry markets, ultimately generating new revenue.
  • Explore: Rapport APIs enable exploration of new business models as part of an end-to-end API strategy for exposing the value of the network to developers who want it and generating new revenues from the API usage

Benefits for the application developers

  • New revenue: Boost sales through service provider’s premium distribution channels and leveraging the reliability of the Service Provider network to build attractive carrier grade app in the quality of experience the users want.
  • Reduced costs: Cut development and integration costs by accessing easy-to-use APIs, SDKs and an innovation environment that offers full support for developing and testing applications and soft less devices. Developers can focus on the creation of rich consumer experiences without having to deal with the complexity of the network.
  • Increased customer reach: allow the creation of device-agnostic mobile apps, enabling developers to bring their application’s core function to any mobile operating system (Android, iOS, Windows phone etc)

Benefits for business users and consumers

  • Enhanced communication experience: Integrate quality voice, video communications and collaboration into any device, mobile application, connected object or web site providing subscribers with new contextual communication experiences.
  • Silo-free communications:today apps are running over the top of broadband mobile access leading to siloed communications and fragmented services. With Rapport APIs, the subscribers can finally get new APIs-enabled services with the QoS they desire and without having to get another phone number.