Professional Services for Mobile Backhaul

The Professional Services for Mobile Backhaul offering is specifically designed to provide support when making technology and topology choices. To minimize costs and achieve reliability, scale, QoS, and operational efficiency for mobile backhaul, the right strategy and architecture must be selected. The Professional Services experts help to evaluate the business case and build the best plan for the backhaul of macro and metro cell networks. Proven methodologies help speed time to market and simplify the transformation of metro and macro cell mobile backhaul networks.

Professional Services for Mobile Backhaul is a key component in the end-to-end mobile backhaul solution, which provides the flexibility, scale, and operational simplicity to lower TCO and simultaneously enhance the mobile service experience.

Service components:

Professional Services for Mobile Backhaul include consulting, design, integration, deployment, and optimization for the end-to-end mobile backhaul network.

Business analysis and consulting

  • Financial and technical analysis
  • Economic modeling and business case development

Design and architecture

  • Architecture and services demand analysis
  • Traffic volume/pattern and QoS needs
  • Solution architecture definition
  • Evolution strategy with risk analysis
  • High-level and low-level design

Integration and validation

  • Interoperability testing
  • Integration assurance
  • Performance and reliability validation
  • Secured field integration


  • Equipment engineering and installation
  • Configuration and provisioning
  • Third-party supplier management
  • Acceptance

Post-launch support

  • Performance analysis
  • Backhaul capacity management


Optimizes TCO with expert analyses

  • TCO analyses provide the information needed to optimize mobile backhaul architectures for metro and macro cells
  • CAPEX and OPEX modeling tool helps build the right business case, minimizing OPEX

Provides professional services for the mobile backhaul network design

  • Design and optimization experts identify the technology mix for metro and macro cell backhaul networks
  • Design tools built on Bell Labs algorithms facilitate the development of an efficient backhaul strategy for supporting metro and macro cell networks
  • Simulations of traffic growth and its impact on the backhaul network yield the most effective plan to support growth

Analyzes QoS being delivered to subscribers using analytic models

  • Experts assess the end-to-end backhaul network performance on all links using a mix of traffic profiles to model the network and QoS behavior
  • Detailed reports are produced on key metrics including average packet delay, jitter, and packet loss statistics
  • Optimum end-to-end network availability is supported by determining the path availability for different scenarios and identifying weak links