Rapport New Conversation APIs

Alcatel-Lucent New Conversation APIs, from our best-in-class Rapport™ application servers, provide a major breakthrough that transforms IMS into a platform for rapid web innovation.

With these industry-leading rich, built-in and easy to use APIs, service providers can fast track innovation and bridge the gap with web developers to create together unique and differentiating applications. They allow service providers to stay relevant in the communication market and lead to new monetization opportunities in the enterprise, consumer and wholesale markets.

And it’s not only about APIs. Alcatel-Lucent also brings :

  • A large ecosystem of developers based on the ngConnect program creating a catalog of unique and exciting apps across many verticals for the benefit of service providers
  • A web developer portal providing internal service provider developers and third-party app developers with access to the APIs.  From this portal, developers can develop, plug and test their app on top of an Alcatel-Lucent IMS testing platform.
  • professional services team  to support delivery of innovative API-enabled applications to the marketplace.


Benefits for service providers

  • Accelerate innovation: Deliver new applications faster by reducing time to market from years to weeks
  • Differentiate: Attracting web developers helps you to create unique and differentiating services for consumer, business and vertical industry markets, ultimately generating new revenue.
  • Explore: The New Conversation APIs enable exploration of new business models as part of an end-to-end API strategy for exposing the value of the network to developers who want it and generating new revenues from the API usage

Benefits for the application developers

  • New revenue: Boost sales with attractive applications that offer feature-rich, carrier-grade IMS communication services and deliver the best possible quality of experience (QoE)
  • Reduced costs: Cut development and integration costs by accessing easy-to-use REST APIs and an innovation environment that offers full support for developing and testing IMS applications
  • Increased customer reach: Connect with new markets and segments by advertising and selling applications through service providers premium distribution channels

Benefits for business users and consumers

  • Converged capabilities: Integrate quality voice and video communications into any vertical application
  • Silo-free communications: Eliminate silos across service provider, enterprise and OTT communications - for example, use a Twitter feed for voice mail messages
  • Added control: Access applications that provide total control over how calls are handled, prioritized and routed