Small Cell Solutions


Small Cell Solutions

With mobile data traffic growing rapidly and showing no signs of slowing, mobile networks face an immediate challenge. Already, subscribers are feeling the pain.


of urban mobile users experience slow download speeds outdoors


of enterprises report poor in-building mobile experience


of mobile users have problems connecting in large venues

Get to market fast with the ultra-broadband experience your subscribers love, everywhere.

For coverage and capacity on a massive scale that's ready to deploy now, choose Alcatel-Lucent small cell solutions for outdoor, in-building and in-home environments.

  • Get to market fast: Get your small cell solution in place quickly with our deployment experience and expert services
  • Scale for any location: Immediately scale outdoor, in-building and in-home deployments
  • Simplify service delivery: Efficiently design and deploy the most effective combination of coverage and capacity for any environment
  • Attract and retain subscribers: Keep up with the rapidly growing need for ubiquitous coverage and capacity for bandwidth hungry applications

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Coverage and Capacity Ready to Deploy in Every Environment

Put the network where subscribers need it and create a higher quality air interface with advanced outdoor small cells

  • Get coverage and capacity quickly even in the most challenging outdoor environments.
  • Control costs and deliver seamless service by optimizing site selection.
  • Simplify backhaul network design by leveraging our wireline and wireless backhaul solutions and expertise.
  • Increase your network capacity with our outdoor small cells.

Address complex enterprise and venue owner challenges to deliver great in-building coverage for any size venue and any number of users

  • Move fast with solutions that address in-building clutter, network design, RF interference, cell optimization, and installation challenges.
  • Achieve cost-effective 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity by deploying multi-standard, small cell base stations.
  • Reduce the cost of delivering ultra-broadband access in multi-operator deployments with our low-cost, digital Distributed Antenna System (DAS).
  • Ensure in-building coverage. Check out our in-building solutions.

Deliver fast, responsive data service and crystal clear voice to the home with plug-and-play, in-home small cells

  • Simplify customer experience with plug-and-play, in-home gateways.
  • Delight customers with fast, responsive data service and crystal-clear voice to the home.
  • Deliver seamless service with in-home gateways that interoperate seamlessly with your cellular networks.



“Alcatel-Lucent has combined its achieved market leadership in the IP backhaul infrastructure space with its innovative small cell solutions to serve the broadest base of customers,” said Frost & Sullivan Global President and Managing Partner Krishna Srinivasan.

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Small Cell Innovation Leadership: Alcatel-Lucent

Small Cell Innovation Leadership Award

“Alcatel-Lucent's novel approach… has defined a business model that will be adopted elsewhere," said David Chambers, Small Cells Forum Awards Lead Judge.

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The Advantage of Experience

Simple to Deploy in Multi-Vendor Networks

Our small cell portfolio is engineered to operate in multi-vendor configurations in any macro network, with innovations including:

  • Simple, secure high-speed access to carrier Wi-Fi and roaming between a cellular network and Wi-Fi networks and hotspots
  • Support for hundreds of users with large, grouped configurations
  • Seamless handovers between access points and with a macro network

Choose Experience and Expertise

Deploy your small cells solution quickly and easily with the support of Alcatel-Lucent's deployment experts. We have extensive experience designing, integrating and optimizing small cell networks for operators worldwide and will work with you every step of the way.

  • Expertise since the beginning of wireless in designing, integrating, optimizing the world's largest networks.
  • Outdoor small cell deployment experience in 15 countries
  • In-building deployment experience in 36 countries
  • In-home cell deployment experience in 32 countries

Lower Delivery Costs

Delivering bandwidth-hungry video doesn't have to break the bank. Built on Bell Labs innovations such as support systems and Self-optimizing Networks (SON), Alcatel-Lucent small cell solutions reduce total cost of ownership and deliver a range of savings:

  • 50% lower cost per bit for video delivery
  • 80% reduction in handover failures
  • 20% CAPEX savings with SON
  • 50% OPEX savings with SON

76% of smart phone users watch and share videos.* Of that group:

  • 78% do so in a store
  • 50% in coffee shops
  • 49% at the airport

Increase Average Revenue Per User

Enriched services are a proven path to increase average revenue per user. Our small cell solutions are built on a flat IP architecture that makes it easier to deliver high-bandwidth services — indoors or out — so you can provide a low-latency, full-speed experience to your subscribers for streaming videos and mobile TV anywhere.

Deploy Quickly on a Large Scale

Our Small Cell Site Certification Program trains and certifies suppliers who specialize in site acquisition, installation and backhaul. Backed by our expertise, our program members help our customers bring new cell sites on air quickly and seamlessly.

  • Speed time to market by 40% by partnering with our certified site owners, installers and backhaul facility providers
  • Deploy small cells on a large scale with hundreds of thousands of qualified outdoor small cell sites, and 10,000 approved installation technicians
  • Access outdoor locations such as light posts, bus stops, billboards and more

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