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Customize and monetize shared data plans with Smart Plan

It's time to change the menu. Why not serve up mobile data as the main course, with healthy side orders of voice and SMS?

The Alcatel-Lucent Smart Plan solution helps you create new revenue opportunities with a branded experience around real-time mobile data. Stabilize revenues from voice and SMS services. Reduce customer fears of mobile data billing shock. And partner with leading brands to bring even more value to the network.

Smart Plan makes all this happen with a comprehensive set of tools that together create a compelling, customer-oriented mobile experience. Now you can build service plans that make it easy for customers to use and manage data across all their devices – service plans that help them keep track of usage and let them top off their accounts on the move.

Just as important, Smart Plan can complement your retail strategy and create a new touchpoint on customers’ mobiles. Using either its built-in mobile app or APIs to your existing app, customers can get easy and mobile access to your product catalog and services. It’s a shopping experience customers can take with them.

Meet Heather, a working mom on a budget. Mobile data helps her keep up with her busy life. She’s learned to manage it on her own, but it has not been easy. Heather is travelling out of country next week, and she’s heard bad things about roaming bill shocks. Heather needs a service provider – one that will give her a sense of control about mobile data costs for her and her family.


Reduce churn and ease customer fears by empowering customers to take control of their usage and mobile spending — even with shared data plans. Let them manage their mobile data experience in real time. That way, you’ll entice early adopters to use more data and encourage new users to give it a try.

ENGAGING HEATHER. Heather is heading off on an international trip. Before she goes, she uses the Smart Plan Mobile App to check the balance in her mobile data plan. She gets an estimate of the MBs required to watch a movie while she travels. Heather is on a shared data plan with her family. So, when she discovers she needs more bandwidth, she is able to transfer it from her husband’s account and buy more data using her preferred payment option.
Heather can set limits and allocate and transfer data among her family members’ accounts. She can also set thresholds and receive warnings as her data limit approaches. She can even make sure that no one accidentally uses up the monthly allotment of data for the entire family.


Leverage our Smart Plan solution’s Agile Rules Technology (A.R.T.) and policy and charging control features. Encourage on-the-fly purchasing decisions with offers tailored to customers’ behaviors and lifestyles. Maximize the network’s yield.

UNDERSTANDING HEATHER. With analytics, you’ll know that Heather is a high-value customer. In fact, when she signed up, Heather told you she’s a frequent user of social media. Using the Smart Plan solution, now you can send her a contextual reward — say, free access to social media sites for up to a month. And the special promotion will show up immediately on her Smart Plan app.

As Heather’s service provider, you will also know that she travels regularly. When her plane lands, you can offer her the roaming plan (thanks to A.R.T.) – the one she’s most likely to accept.


Extend the mobile experience with an ecosystem of partners including retailers, advertisers and content providers. Create unique offers that excite customers and help you monetize mobile data.

REWARDING HEATHER. As Heather’s service provider, you can extend Smart Plan’s flexible payment, charging and policy control capabilities to an ecosystem of partners. Together, the ecosystem members can develop offers that suit Heather’s known lifestyle and preferences.

For example, brands or retailers of women’s clothing could purchase from you blocks of mobile data points - then reward Heather with these points.


With Smart Plan, operational benefits throughout the service offer lifecycle will speed the introduction of new offers. By removing functional and operational barriers, Smart Plan gives you agility you need in this dynamic market.

You’ll also be able to monetize mobile data by making data the focus. At the same time, you can continue to deliver compelling voice and SMS services. Now you’ll have an LTE business model that works for you and your customers.

And the Smart Plan solution integrates easily into your existing ecosystem. What’s more, the structure and components of the Smart Plan solution will evolve with the needs of this dynamic market space.

The Smart Plan solution components are illustrated below:

Diagram shows key parts of Smart Plan solution
Number 1 icon

Smart Plan Builder and Mobile Apps can be used to create personalized services and contextual offers to be processed in real-time. The solution connects network elements through a unique plugin framework for both pre-integrated Alcatel-Lucent components and your existing environment.

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Pre-integrated with SurePay®, the OCS plugins provide a range of real-time rating, charging and reporting options on wireless and wireline networks. Customized OCS plugins can also be created to connect to existing online charging assets in your network.

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PCRF plugins are pre-integrated with 5780 Dynamic Services Controller (PCRF). This provides the policy and charging rules function for 3G and 4G wireless networks with seamless support for Wi-Fi® and fixed access. Customized PCRF plugins can also be created to connect to an existing PCRF in your network.

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Analytics plugins can be developed to connect to network and customer analytics systems. These include the Motive Big Network Analytics solution, or existing third-party analytics products. With insight into per-device usage trends and enhanced customer and network intelligence, you can increase customer loyalty and revenues across mobile, fixed and video networks.

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Loyalty and campaign management plugins can be created to connect to your existing loyalty and campaign systems. These will enable you to create campaigns and incentive programs in conjunction with Smart Plan Builder.

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We can also support additional plugins to connect to other systems such as OSS/BSS to support your business functions or customer care. These will deliver a consistent, responsive customer care experience.

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Our Professional and Consulting Services can help you take full advantage of your network through a unique end-to-end, use-case driven framework that meets your business objectives through three phases: Define, Design and Deploy.


Mobilize the Data Plan Podcast Thumbnail

Mobile broadband usage is exploding.

Listen to Alcatel-Lucent’s Vice President of Platforms Marketing Cassidy Shield talk about the growing opportunities that operators can leverage today.

Case Studies


GO Malta streamlined its service offer management using Smart Plan by updating to a single real-time rating and charging platform, building new service offers for its target markets, and monetizing and gaining better control of its network resources. Read the case study


“Mobile data plans haven’t kept up with users, who are doing more and more with their smartphones. Instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach, mobile service providers now have a real opportunity to improve customer loyalty and create new revenues by providing a greater variety of offers that would appeal to the different usage habits of their subscribers. The challenge is in the back-office, aligning policy, charging and other platforms to give subscribers the power to choose, and then enable the services. Any solution that can help bridge that gap is likely to be welcomed by progressively-minded operators.”

Graham Finnie, Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading

“Our research shows the overwhelming majority of smartphone users would prefer the ability to customize their mobile service plans. Mobile operators are increasingly tuning in to this consumer sentiment and would like to offer new approaches to data plans and improved customer engagement, but often their existing systems act as a barrier to deployment. The Smart Plan Builder solution from Alcatel Lucent promises to bridge gaps in back office functionality, adding an orchestrated framework so network operations teams can deliver on the demands from product and marketing teams. The Smart Plan solution should unleash the ability to more quickly and flexibly try new approaches to data pricing, such as personalization and promotions with third parties to further engage consumers. The solution helps solve other problems by extending service provider branding into the data experience, and for consumers offers more relevancy and immediate opportunities to discover new things. Bottom line: customers who find more value and satisfaction in their mobile experience, which leads to improved churn and potentially additional revenues for operators.”

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director Mobile Broadband Opportunities, Strategy Analytics

“Alcatel-Lucent continues to show market leadership with its new Smart Plan solution, delivering against all three elements of a good telesperience by helping CSPs become more operationally efficient, increasing their commercial agility and delivering a better customer experience. The importance of combining policy, charging and analytics is something many vendors talk about but few can deliver against today. By adding an integrated analytics dimension to policy and charging, Alcatel-Lucent is transforming dumb rules engines into smart rules engines, and in a stroke commoditizing the third generation of policy-based offerings.”

Teresa Cottam, Chief Research Officer and Founder, Telesperience

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