Rapport VoLTE: Voice over LTE


Rapport VoLTE: Voice over LTE

Find Your Voice. Define the Experience.

The Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End Voice over LTE (E2E VoLTE) solution helps you deliver voice that enriches the LTE experience. This solution enables you to use voice to boost data revenues and attract new customers, because it equips you with more spectrum for LTE data. 4G LTE subscribers consume 168% more data than 3G, and our VoLTE solution helps you ensure an always-on data experience for your 4G LTE customers, allowing them to use their favorite data applications and voice applications simultaneously. The solution also enables better mobile voice and messaging that adds video and application innovation to your offers. With Alcatel-Lucent Ultra-Broadband and our E2E VoLTE solution, you can build stronger bonds with customers by offering contextual communications that combine the speed of LTE with the limitless possibilities of the cloud.

Building a better LTE experience

LTE has made its name by providing the performance and speed that mobile consumers crave. Now the pressure is on to more broadly deliver these higher speeds and a better LTE experience. Voice is a key element to achieve these goals, and it is central to your brand. You need to keep delivering on voice expectations and capitalize on new opportunities that come with the transition to all-IP networks. But time is tight and new programs must quickly deliver results.

Your challenges are clear: Deploy VoLTE quickly to widen LTE’s availability and extract more value from your LTE network. Keep up with demand for more captivating LTE experiences. Build a richer and more diverse communications offer while improving your operational efficiency.

Win the Race to LTE Success

Service providers are racing to deliver faster and better LTE services — because getting LTE to market early is shown to increase revenue and market share. Our experience can help you win the race. As an LTE industry leader, with 40+ LTE deployments, our overlay strategy is proven to get you to market faster. And you can sell more LTE data, because VoLTE enables a greater total capacity for all of your spectrum holdings and it turns your subscribers into all-IP users. We back our end-to-end VoLTE solution with complete LTE, Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) portfolios, which are optimized today for LTE’s services, traffic and signaling. Our solution is delivered by our professional services experts that bring wireless and IP know-how plus the right tools and processes that speed up VoLTE’s deployment and get it right the first time.

Deliver a Limitless Mobile Experience

Mobile customers want more from the LTE experience. They want to use LTE’s data all the time, instead of losing it during fallbacks to legacy voice. They need improved mobile voice that sounds better and is easier use in new applications. We’ve used our products and expertise to help the world’s VoLTE leaders prepare their networks so that they can get closer to their customers by making VoLTE a reality. We can do the same for you. Our communications and customer experience portfolios (including Motive device management, analytics and smart data pricing plans) deliver the limitless LTE experience your customers demand. Our platform focus enhances your VoLTE offer and inspires customers to spend more time on your network.

Be the Preferred Experience

VoLTE will help spur the rise of contextual communications that incorporates voice, video and messaging into applications, websites and connected objects. It is a key part of a larger evolution towards the nimble, open and API-accessible carrier cloud. Our end-to-end VoLTE solution brings robust performance together with open innovation by you and your application partners, to help you bring new conversations to new devices and screens. A sound investment in VoLTE helps ensure that your conversation experience is the one that customers prefer.

An end-to-end VoLTE solution

The E2E VoLTE solution brings together the best features of our industry leading LTE, EPC and IMS portfolios, which are optimized for the next generation of IP driven applications and services. The solution has been fully validated through tests spanning the Radio Access Network (RAN), EPC and IMS. It has been integrated into the world’s largest multi-vendor VoLTE networks by professional services people who’ve gained critical knowledge in how to efficiently and effectively deliver a VoLTE network. It unites E2E VoLTE with the innovative power of open APIs and a broad range of platforms designed to further enhance the customer experience. It’s ready for you.

Solution components


Our LTE RAN portfolio unleashes mobile broadband innovation with solutions that deliver high speeds, massive capacity and superior network performance. We enable you to realize new business models, tap new revenue streams and deliver the superior experiences that mobile customers demand.

Our IP Mobile Core provides an IP-optimized, high-performance packet core that sits at the heart of the mobile network. It is built to ensure the highest quality of experience (QoE) and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) – even with exponential growth in users, devices and network applications.

Our Rapport communications solution provides the foundation for creating a captivating conversation experience that spans devices, screens, applications and services. Open, scalable and programmable, it fast-tracks innovation with IMS APIs and WebRTC, which helps you build voice, video and RCS into applications, websites and browsers.


The Motive Customer Care portfolio helps service providers forge stronger and more valuable customer relationships. Its solutions can enable you to foster brand loyalty by building customer-focused improvements into your products and services.

The Wireless Network Guardian uses network probes and analytics to provide insights into the relationship between IP traffic, network loading and customer experience. These insights can help you troubleshoot and address performance issues that affect users, applications or devices.

Our Policy and Charging solutions offer flexible, context-specific real-time charging models and policy plans for voice, data, video and content/commerce services. These solutions can help you simplify user engagement, personalize service offers and extend your reach through partner ecosystems.


Our Professional Services experts bring the depth of expertise required to deliver the VoLTE network end to end, across all solution components (RAN, EPC, and IMS). Through field proven tools from our Bell Labs innovation, and best practices from years as market leaders in LTE and IMS delivery, we ensure VoLTE is rolled-out with minimal risk and faster time to market. Our optimization services guarantee performance by analyzing the E2E VoLTE network KPIs (Key performance indicators) and improving Quality of Experience (QoE), leading to end user satisfaction, loyalty and revenue growth.

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